Saturday, May 4, 2019

Reformer Pilates is the best thing I've done for my body in a long time

Among the many things on my list of 2019 goals (this is quickly turning into a goals blog I know), getting serious about fitness was one of the boxes to tick. I see so many people who have found their 'thing' and whether that's pole dancing, physie or yoga, they all LOVE exercising because they're passionate about what they do. I want that! I'm inherently lazy, but I do enjoy flexing my muscles, so I wanted to dedicate this year to trying everything and finding a rotation of things I loved so I would never have an excuse not to exercise. The good news, I think I've found it!


I recently did a month long trial at the new BodyMindLife studio in Kirrawee (there are four other studios around Sydney too) and the gym (for lack of a better word) is known for two things: hot yoga and reformer pilates.

I gave the hot yoga a go and it wasn't for me. My lack of sweating made it just a really long yoga class and I'm not good at quieting my mind and going slow, BUT, the reformer classes, stand back. Even after the first session I was converted.

If you're not familiar with reformer pilates, it has got the same principles as mat pilates but is practiced on a moving 'bed' with changeable springs that add weight. It's really good for anyone recovering from an injury and building long, lean muscles. You can read more about it here if you really have no idea what reformer pilates is. It looks intimidating at first but once you start trying different positions and moves, you fall deeply in love with the endless combinations, deep stretches and surprising challenge you get from a sliding platform!

So what did I live about it? Everything. The teachers are extremely knowledgable, you run your own race in class (I hate interacting with others during exercise, I'm not a team player, sue me), it's hard but not stupidly exhausting (and you can adjust every move depending on how it feels), it has variety (seriously, every class was different) and you can build up your fitness (there are beginners and slower movement focuses classes called Align, and harder more advanced classes known as Flow). I knew I liked walking and hiking as my cardio, but until I did reformer I had no idea what strength exercises I liked. This is perfect if you don't want insane muscle soreness, want a holistic approach and love a deep stretch. I feel healthier, happier and never once didn't want to go to a class. That's saying something!

The BodyMindLife studio at Kirrawee also happens to be beyond dreamy. Instead of running out of there when the class is over, I'm happy to linger and get ready for work, shower and enjoy a cup of tea. The palette is very me with its stark minimalism, greenery and chrome finishings. I'm aware it looks a lot like my home, but hey, maybe that's why I feel at home there.

Besides Reformer Pilates, I do also have a regular gym membership, because being able to go smash out some cardio or use some machines on a whim at a 24/7 gym is also extremely appealing to me and something that kept me motivated.

So here's to a 2019 (and life!) goal successfully ticked - I am now a 'fitness' person!