Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What's On My Turkish Sailing Packing List

I'M GOING TO TURKEY! Again! This time I'm heading to the islands to soak up a bit of sun and see a part of the world you don't see much of on Instagram (is that even possible anymore?). I'm going on the Contiki Turkish Sailing trip, and not just because I work at Contiki! I was actually eyeing off the trip a couple of years ago too and it finally seemed like the right time. By right time I mean I wanted an overseas trip but couldn't afford a big one (I have a mortgage now) so settled on Turkey. It's an 8 day trip, all meals included and it's roughly $100 a day. Now that's a bargain!

I'm super excited and naturally have started planning because I treat every event in my life like it's something out of Ocean's 11. Every angle must be observed! With that in mind, I've started mapping out what's going in my suitcase (although more likely a backpack because suitcases are not boat friendly). This is my Turkey packing list so far...


Hello! I'm going on a sailing trip and you'd better believe I'm going swimming! I'm feeling a retro style bikini. I like the Solid and Striped styles but am also keen to try some high-waisted or one-piece styles... watch this space!

Glam sun hat

Nothing says holiday like a very good hat. A wide brim to pull down over my eyes as I people watch or nap (probably the latter) is high on my list for mysterious boat babe.

Big sunnies

To add to my allure of mystery and sun safety, I'm going for some big sunglasses. I know mini sunnies are all the rage right now but I have a few pairs of large ones that are simply perfect for sunning myself on the top deck with.

Turkish towel

I adore Turkish towels for holidays, especially holidays in Turkey. They're so versatile, dry easily and way cooler than a fluffy beach towel. I'm currently loving the Turkish towel, AKA peshtemel, I got from Raven's Landing. Not all Turkish towels were created equal either so always buy a good one!

Zero-waste bath stuff

We all know I'm getting into the zero-waste lifestyle and I want to make an effort this trip to focus on keeping all my bath stuff plastic free. It also helps the friend I'm travelling with runs an online zero-waste and eco-friendly store! I'm going to pack shampoo and conditioner bars and naked body wash from LUSH, plus coconut oil for moisturiser and makeup removal. Wish me luck!

Bubble wrap

Last time I went to Turkey (like 5 years ago?) I was doing a fair bit of travelling after and living in Edinburgh and didn't want to commit to the beautiful homewares you can find at every turn in Turkey. Now, I own my own place and you better believe I'm bringing stuff home! The bubble wrap will help it get home in one piece... hopefully!

Tan sandals

When I think of islands I think of Greek goddesses and lovely tan sandals. Obviously I am at this level and therefore must dress the part! I like lace up styles but am open to the rope or embellished ones that are in right now.

Wrap dress

Errrrrybody should own a wrap dress. They're SO flattering! I have a lovely, green floral midi one that's going straight in the bag but I might also hunt out a shorter one in a light coloured cotton.Or white, white always looks fresh.

Anti-seasickness tablets

Alas, my friend and I both get a bit seasick. Why are we going sailing then you ask? Who knows, but we are and just in case the seas are rough I'm willing to bite the bullet and take anti-nausea tablets so I can enjoy the trip.

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