Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How I'm Trying To Become A Less Trashy Person

If you know me outside the internet you know I've got a bit of a favourite topic at the moment and it's zero waste. We're such a wasteful society and the amount of plastic and crap that goes into landfill only to sit there, clogging up our beautiful planet until it breaks down in a few hundred years, is disgusting.

The point of this post isn't to preach at you (although I do strongly suggest you go do your own research into the effect waste is having on this world) or turn my blog into a eco-friendly one, but rather to show that nobody is perfect but you can make small changes that have a big impact. I've started making changes mostly in the bathroom, which you'll see in the list, because I think it's easier to slowly adopt a lifestyle than throw everything out and start again (also that would totally defeat the purpose of zero waste). I still have a LONG way to go but here are some ways I'm becoming a less trashy person...

Shaving With A Safety Razor

A safety razor is a reusable stainless steel handle that uses double edged blades, and it's the best thing I own! Not only are they great for the environment, a total bargain (mine cost me $50 and the blades are 15 cents each!), but it's also the best shave I have ever had. Ever. It's so close and smooth. I get a lot less shaving rash because I'm not using a bacteria filled razor that I need to replace every two shaves. It's a total dream and you can read all about my obsession with it here on my friend Lottie's zero-waste online store and blog Banish (see, I'm not crazy, other people are into saving the planet too).

Saying No To Plastic Bags

This is the most simple thing ever, all you have to do it remember to do it! My New Year resolution was to not get a single plastic bag at the shops for all of 2018. It's March and I've only forgotten once, so I'd say that's pretty good! I just make sure I bring my own reusable bags to do groceries and have a canvas bag when I go shopping. There's a perverse pleasure I get when a shop assistant asks if I'd like a bag and I get to say no.

Using Washable Makeup Remover Pads

I used to use cotton rounds to remove my makeup every night and while I purchased bulk packs of 200, it's still plastic packaging I could avoid. So I did some research and found a lot people in the zero waste community mention round washable pads. Heaps of sellers on Etsy sell them so I bought a bunch and have never looked back. They remove my makeup just the same as disposable ones and I can throw them in the wash at the end of the week and do it all again without contributing to landfill! I even have some I use for removing nail polish and they come out great in the wash too. My only regret is buying white pads, the mascara doesn't quite come out and I think a dark colour would have been better in hindsight. If you can (or have a mum that can) sew you can even make your own with old t-shirts!

Lathering Up With Naked Shower Products

I'm a HUGE Lush fan and they already make great low impact products and recycle every container, but they went next level at the end of last year and started making naked products, which means they don't have a container. We're talking not just shampoo bars, but body wash and moisturiser too! The body wash has the same consistency as the bottled gels and it's in a bottle shape which I just love for the novelty factor. Lush isn't super cheap but they do last a long time, so if you can't be bothered finding recipes to make your own shampoo bars and DIY body washes, this is the place to go.

Being Really Annoying About Straws

If it's my round at the bar, you ain't getting a straw. Not only am I making the call for myself that straws suck (literally and figuratively) but I'm making the same call for you. A lot of bars in Sydney (where I'm from) have taken to banning them from their establishments which is an AMAZING step in the right direction, and for those places that haven't, I just say "no straw" the same as I would for the plastic bag. This does mean no more takeaway juices but the plastic cups are terrible for the environment anyway so it's dine (drink?) in only for me!

Using A Keep Cup

I have a new rule: no keep cup, no coffee. I have an amazing Frank Green cup for weekends or the commute, and then another keep cup at work in case the mood strikes for a coffee. This way I really have no excuse to get a take away cup since there's always one on hand. And if there's not, well tough luck but I either sit in and have the coffee or go without. Tough love may not for everyone but just treat it like the old primary school rule of 'no hat, no play'.