Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How To Make The Perfect Margarita

There are only a handful of things in this world I truly care about, and margaritas makes the cut. They're fresh, sassy and strong (all qualities I hope I embody also). Margaritas are a very big deal in my friendship group, so much so that my best friend Alex and I actually have an Instagram page dedicated to sampling and reviewing margaritas called muchomargaritas! (You can check it out and give it a follow here if you like). The appreciation for a good marg runs deep.

That's why today is basically Christmas for me, it's NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! Obviously I'll be celebrating with a margarita or three, but if you can't get out on the town and still want to partake in a tipple, here is my perfect, and super easy, margarita recipe...

I've listed Cointreau as my triple sec of choice but you can swap this out for whichever takes your fancy. 

I also haven't listed a tequila as tastes vary a lot here. One friend swears by Don Julio, while another won't hear a bad thing about Patron. Pick your own favourite but if you're not a tequila buff, I'd recommend starting with a gold tequila (the amber coloured ones) as they tend to be tastier and better quality. 

I also don't add any sweetener to my margaritas because I'm sweet enough (yawn at the joke, sorry haha) but if you MUST, use agave syrup. That makes it what's generally known as a Tommy's Margarita. 

Lastly, once you've shaken this all together, don't ruin it with too much ice (3 cubes are enough) or a table salt rim. Use rock salt, it looks and tastes better.


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