Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How To Make The Perfect Margarita

There are only a handful of things in this world I truly care about, and margaritas makes the cut. They're fresh, sassy and strong (all qualities I hope I embody also). Margaritas are a very big deal in my friendship group, so much so that my best friend Alex and I actually have an Instagram page dedicated to sampling and reviewing margaritas called muchomargaritas! (You can check it out and give it a follow here if you like). The appreciation for a good marg runs deep.

That's why today is basically Christmas for me, it's NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! Obviously I'll be celebrating with a margarita or three, but if you can't get out on the town and still want to partake in a tipple, here is my perfect, and super easy, margarita recipe...

I've listed Cointreau as my triple sec of choice but you can swap this out for whichever takes your fancy. 

I also haven't listed a tequila as tastes vary a lot here. One friend swears by Don Julio, while another won't hear a bad thing about Patron. Pick your own favourite but if you're not a tequila buff, I'd recommend starting with a gold tequila (the amber coloured ones) as they tend to be tastier and better quality. 

I also don't add any sweetener to my margaritas because I'm sweet enough (yawn at the joke, sorry haha) but if you MUST, use agave syrup. That makes it what's generally known as a Tommy's Margarita. 

Lastly, once you've shaken this all together, don't ruin it with too much ice (3 cubes are enough) or a table salt rim. Use rock salt, it looks and tastes better.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

5 Tips For Autumn Layering

Don't let Summer fool you. Those cool breezes and random rainy days? Autumn is on it's way! I for one am not too sad about it because I'm simply to delicate for Australian Summers, so the inbetweeners, AKA Autumn and Spring, are where it's at. I also find I can get more creative with my style in those months and that's all thanks to layering. Here are five quick tips to nail Autumn layering this year.

1. Pair Opaque Tights With Knit Dresses
A cute knit dress in an A-line shape is perfect for weekends. Add a pair of opaque tights if it's on the cooler side or night time, or even try it on for size with a pair of thigh high boots. 

Knit dress: Pretty Little Thing, Boots: Tony Bianco

2. Go Big With A Fuzzy Cardigan
Loop knit and fur coats have been big for a year or two now, and the reason the lighter throw on cardigan and knitwear varieties stick around is because they really are SO easy to layer. Chuck it on over the top of any outfit for instant chic.

3. Jeans And A Tee Never Disappoints
Much like 'jeans and a nice top' is the go-to for house parties and first dates, 'jeans a tee' is the recipe for Autumn weather in my opinion. Pick a cute pair of jeans, your favourite t-shirt (or jumper if it's cold) and a fun jacket and go.

Jumper: Glassons, Jeans: Pretty Little Thing, Shoes: Next Official, Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton

4. Go Streamlined With A Silk Duster Coat
The opposite of the fuzzy cardigan, a sleek calf-grazing duster coat or kimono in a satin fabric will give you the appearance of being rugged up without the bulk and heat. Walking around a lot and know you'll work up a sweat? This is the answer.

5. Give A Vibrant Knit Time To Shine
Great for the office or dinner with the girls, a form-fitting midi skirt or sweater in a stretchy knit looks sophisticated but can also be paired with boots, heels, sandals or sneakers depending on the weather. The top half and bottom halves are then super customisable: t-shirts, blouses, jackets or coats all play nicely with the skirt, while fun jeans, A-line skirts and leather all go well with sweaters.

Jumper: Pretty Little Thing, Jeans: Pretty Little Thing, Boots: ASOS, Bag: ASOS, Coffee cup: Local cafe who is amazing and does eco-friendly takeaway cups

BONUS TIP: A big cotton scarf is your best friend in Autumn. Use it wisely and often.