Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What I Learnt In 2017

Drum roll please... *silently nods to thank you all* Yes, I am back with my annual wrap up/life advice/musings that you should or should not listen to depending on your own experiences and judgement. But I am probably right so take note.
2017 was a pretty solid year for me. I got a kick ass new job, got approved for a loan (so hopefully will buy my first home soon), went to Morocco for the first time and Spain for the third time and re-jigged my love life. Without further blathering, here's everything I learnt in 2017...

  • Cheese gives you weird dreams.
  • The trick to getting shit done is to find a way to make the unbearable more bearable i.e. exercise is more likely to happen for me when there are rewards involved.
  • Don't feel ashamed about trying to get closure, at least you won't wonder anymore.
  • Always have a second Instagram account for maximum lurking.
  • Living with your parents as an adult is a great way to ruin your social life.
  • Don't worry about how others might view you, they're more interested in themselves than what shoes you're wearing.
  • Adding someone you don't know on Facebook is the modern equivalent of getting into a strangers car because they have candy.
  • Instead of straight up asking for people's thoughts on an issue you have, ask yourself "am I okay with being treated like this?". Your inner compass knows best.
  • Being a slow text replier is only acceptable if you've known someone more than 6 months and you know their mum's name. 
  • Don't build your identity around anything that you can lose or have taken away.