Sunday, September 24, 2017

8 Actually Useful Things You Can Do On A Long Train Commute

I'm 'lucky' enough to get to travel to work an hour each way every day. In fact, I've caught the train to and from somewhere every day since high school, so I have had the time to truly master the commute. As someone who always has a million little things to be doing, I've figured out how to make the most of your downtime and do useful (and not creepy or disruptive) things with your otherwise boring train time.

1. Learn Something

This is probably my favourite thing to do on the train, but grab a book or download a documentary on a topic you want to know more about and then use the commute to get educated. I LOVE doing online courses on Future Learn too. They've got courses for all sorts of things and the layout is super easy.

2. Write Up A Storm

I realise not everyone is a writer but journaling is really therapeutic and brushing off those writing skills from primary school is pretty fun (I think so anyway). If you're not opposed to extra screen time and bring a laptop on your commute, you can also write blog posts *wink wink*

3. Meditate

This is something I've taken up recently and trust me, it's worth it! Giving back to your brain is extremely important for mental health, and hello, you're sitting there doing nothing anyway! There's plenty of apps for guided meditation if that's your thang, but I just downloaded a 20 minute meditation music track to close my eyes and chill out to.

4. Pelvic Floor Exercises

We've covered off the mind and now for the body! Girls, no one knows you're working on your pelvic floor muscles while you're sitting quietly in your seat and it's fun to do and giggle to yourself about as you squeeze away.

5. Listen To Podcasts

Five words for you: My Dad Wrote A Porno.You will laugh until you cry and probably look like a nutcase but who cares, this is one of the all time best podcasts in my opinion, but if it's not your style (or you're already finished like me) you can find HUNDREDS on that'll take your fancy and amuse you for an hour.

6. Create Playlists

If you're a music buff you should be able to amuse yourself by going through your phone or Spotify (or iPod if you're old school) and making different playlists for different moods. I have a playlist on Spotify that is entirely dedicated to songs about wolves (I shit you not). Trust me, it's fun.

7. Meal Plan

I'm a fan of being prepared when it comes to food because quite frankly, I cannot be trusted in the heat of the moment. If you're like me, use your commute to figure out some healthy meals you want to try this week and make shopping lists of the ingredients you need to buy.

8. Wish People Happy Birthday On Facebook

Ah the most hollow of all well wishes! If you do feel the pressure to reach out to people on their special day in the bid to make up for the fact that you're too busy to talk to them properly, the train is the place to do it. Makes you look like a good, thoughtful person and all that.

Enjoy your commute! 

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