Thursday, August 18, 2016

5 In 5: Ways To Wear A Bodysuit In Public That Won't Get You Arrested

I had the divine pleasure of attending the Bras N Things Bodysuit launch this week and the timing couldn't be better because I have been telling EVERYONE I know how much I want a bodysuit.

Full disclosure, I had very much intended to wear it as sexy lingerie but now it's a whole new ball game, because BNT educated me that a bodysuit can be worn anytime of the day, anywhere. It's all about the right styling...

1. With a midi skirt
The easiest and simplest way to rock your underwear as outerwear. Grab a midi (not a mini!), a pair of heels and light denim jacket. No one will even know it's lingerie.

2. Double time
Try two bodysuits at once! Unlike two timing on men, it'll only be rewards. Team a strappy, barely there one with a long-sleeved mesh number and you have a brand new shirt!

3. With a pantsuit 
Much like the skirt but sooooo much better. It's hard to believe lingerie can be office appropriate but with the right coverage bodysuit, you will look a million bucks.

4. Over a shirt
Whether it's a tee or a turtleneck, it'll be instantly jazzed up by layering a bodysuit over the top. Just make sure the the shirt is somewhat tight fitting or it'll lead to awkward bunching.

5. Under a low-cut dress
This is my personal favourite! We all own a plunging dress that show's a little more skin than we'd perhaps like, but pairing a bodysuit underneath fixes all that! Extra style points for matching the colour of the dress with the lingerie.

You can enjoy the full range of Bras N Things bodysuits here!

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