Sunday, February 28, 2016

Natural Deodorant Hunt: Lush Aromaco Review

I desperately want to only use natural deodorant. Since I started looking into it, regular deodorant kinda scares me. Even if you wouldn't dream of growing your own kale, this is something you should look into too!

A quick Google search about the evils of stock-standard deodorant will really make you think. A lot of scientists believe the rise of breast cancer is a direct link to the aluminium in deodorants that clog up your lymph nodes. And sure, anything can kill us but there's just something about this one I'm keen to avoid so the hunt for a flawless natural deodorant has begun!

I want to offer one tiny disclaimer here before I jump into the review of my first product... I am not a sweaty lady. Where others are dripping buckets at the gym or working those pit stains on a hot day, I'm covered in a light sheen. I don't know why but I am thankful! Regardless, I'm a polite member of society and wear deodorant in case of potential pong...

In comes in Lush's deodorant bar Aromaco! My sister was super keen to try it as well so we grabbed a big block and split it down the middle, promising to report back (so far she hasn't held up her end of the bargain).

The Good: I cut the hard wax off the edge of the block to reveal the creamy middle and immediately I think: This smells yummy! It's patchouli scented which I personally am fond of because I'm a closet hippy. It goes on really easily and is like a fine layer of oil. I really liked this and found it easy to work with. Putting it on before bed left me smelling fine (damn fine) in the morning and I'd reapply for the day, so I would say you need to use more of this than standard deo.

The Bad: As I said, I'm not a sweaty lady but even still, I would not say this prevents it in any way shape or form. You're not going to feel dry, and technically you shouldn't since nothing is clogging your pores, but it is a new sensation that takes some getting used to. It was fine for me during the day, but the patchouli scent just didn't hold up during a gym session (sorry guy on the bike next to me).

Overall, I'm giving it a 6.5/10. The search continues...

If you have any recommednations for natural deodorants (or just aluminium free ones!), hit me up on Facebook!

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