Monday, February 15, 2016

A Definitive Ranking Of Dry Shampoo Brands

Dry shampoo is one of the greatest inventions ever. It's also the only hair product I've found myself consistently using, which is how I've managed to go through almost every brand on the Australian market! I like to shop around, make sure I'm getting the right thing for my hair not just the most-popular or cheapest, and I'm sure you do too so here is a definitive ranking from the worst (like throw it straight in the bin) to the best (marry it)...

8. Joico
This is the absolute worst dry shampoo I have ever used. I know that because I've used ALL of them (and made this list). It is basically pressurised sticky water. There's zero powdery residue afterwards and I would even go as far as to say it made my hair look more unwashed.

7. Garnier
They were an early adopter on the dry 'poo front and never improved their formula. It's more like wetting your hair. Back to the lab guys!

6. Tresemme
This is one big meh. Their shampoo range is a budget buy and their dry shampoo follows suit. Interestingly enough unlike normal DRY shampoos, this one leaves your hair kinda wet and sticky before going powdery. Not great for styling because it doesn't add much oomph, volume or grip.

5. Redken
They call their's 'Pillow Proof, 2 Day Extender'. I don't know why they chose to go against the grain but it may have something to do with it being recommended for blow-dry styled hair which is already pretty clean. Either way it gave so-so results and like the Tresemme variety, was more on the 'wet' side of dry.

4. Cedel
This is quite a good formula but a touch too powdery (I'm starting to sound like Goldilocks aren't I?). They have a dark hair formula which is alright but nothing special. Their scents are quite good and because it's so powdery they're good for styling.

3. Klorane
Their's is pretty damn good! Scores some points for using more natural ingredients which is good for sensitive skinned people, but anything pressurised in a can is not environmentally friendly so let's not pretend it is. The powder is really nice and fine but does have to be brushed out a bit. Yay for no stickiness!

2. Girlz Only (Target Australia)
I can't get enough of these ones! They brand name appeals deeply to my inner 13 year old and the price is AMAZING. $3, or 2 for $5. They're practically giving it away! They've got a dark haired version, a party version, a version that washes your car  and they give sky-high volume. A little wet before turning into nice powder so you need to relax before you keep spraying (guilty). Cons? The scents are intense. Use in a well ventilated area.

1. Batiste
The holy grail of dry shampoos! All bow down to Batiste! They're definitely the market leader, have the biggest range and the best formula. That of course means they can be a little expensive if you use a can a week like me. The XXL volume one is truly outstanding!

Have I missed any? Hit me up on Facebook and let me know!

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