Monday, February 29, 2016

5 In 5: Essential Handbags Every Woman Should Own

In case you guys hadn't noticed... I am taking the minimalist approach to EVERYTHING; my wardrobe, my life, my food ( my pantry has one box of Weetbix and a tin of tomatoes) and that's just the beginning. Next on my cull list is handbags. I sat down and had a good look at which ones I actually use and turns out, it was only FIVE of them! The rest just sit there in dust bags, squashed into the dark recesses of a draw that has no love for them, so they're heading to the charity bin and I'm sticking with the essentials:

The Weekend One
This isn't an overnight bag, but more of a 'I could end up anywhere bag'. It should be large enough (think tote size) to carry anything you might need, like the occasional grocery item or a set of heels, or a six-pack of beers! Keep it simple, but sturdy, this one might be taking some weight so get good thick handle straps that fit over your shoulder.

The Night Time One
How many times have you tried to shove everything you wanted to take on a night out into a bag and been frustrated when it wouldn't fit? The solution: only one bag! I know it sounds hard, but a cute side bag or clutch with a signature something is all you need. Make sure it fits your coin purse, phone, tissues and compact and you're done.

The Black One
This one is non-negotiable. It's your go-to classic that you pull out for job interviews or serious events. Grab one in a timeless shape like a bowler or Chanel boy bag style with a flap and clasp. It will never fail you!

The Fun One
Everyone deserves to have one bag or clutch that just makes them smile. It can be bejewelled or in the shape of a snail, but it's there to sub in for a night time bag or on the weekend when you're feeling flirty and fun.

The Everyday One
Personally, I think your everyday one shouldn't be black. Mine is light blue, but why not try navy or a tan. You'll drag it around everywhere so make it a medium size with a side strap. It needs to be big enough to fit a water bottle or umbrella, but not so big you can't take it to a bar. Keep it plain and accesorise with cute key-chains, that way you can mix it up with your mood.

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