Monday, January 11, 2016

Shoe Review: Missguided Lace Up Tassel Heels

This is my second pair of shoes from Missguided (remember this gorgeous teal pair?) and they've quickly become my favourite heels. I desperately wanted a red set in my wardrobe but most styles were bright red and had too much oopmh for me... and along came the lace up tassel pair in berry. Berry is much more wearable isn't it? The burgundy colour goes with so much and is more understated, making it perfect for work and play. Also, who could walk (scroll) past the combo of ties and tassels?! No one I tell you! Just check me out here working that pavement as they perfectly compliment my dress...

Comfort wise, they're great. The block heel is supportive and the heel cup holds you in, which is something I've found lacking in other lace up styles. They're not too complicated to get on either which is a major bonus because I am time poor and if my shoes require 15 minutes for lacing, count me out. The tassels do swing around and get their groove on while you walk but that's to be expected so just double knot them. My only criticism is that the ties are almost too long. Having the option to lace them up your legs is nice but a little shorter would have been better.

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