Monday, January 11, 2016

16 Things To Stop Doing In 2016

2016 is going to be your best year yet, Yes, every single one of you! I'm not big on new year resolutions because I prefer to focus on the lifestyle change itself and the smaller steps of getting there. Want to be a better friend or have less crap in your house? Then some of these things you need to stop doing will help you meet that goal. Now, I'm not the boss of you obviously, but this is some pretty sound advice and a little reminder for myself too maybe...

1. Apologising for no reason
Have you noticed how often people start a sentence with "Sorry, but...". You're not sorry, you have nothing to be sorry for! I'm a culprit of this but am making a huge effort to cut it out this year. Plus, it'll make your apologies, when you actually have screwed up, worth more.

2. Thinking "Oh that won't look good on me"
I have been surprised time and time again by outfits I loved but thought would look shocking. If you see a top and think it's beautiful but is too old or too young for you, TRY IT ON ANYWAY. You noticed it for a reason, it could be your soul mate (of shirts).

3. Leaving trolly comments
The world is full of enough negativity without you adding to it. Yes, there are things on the internet that will offend you but since I started working in social media I've really seen how often people put their horrid two cents in. Even if it's about the Kardashians, and you think they're asking for it, just keep a lid on it. What you put out is what you get back,,,

4. Borrowing your friends clothes and never returning them
STAHHHHHHP! If someone lends you a dress they may as well have given you their wallet. Treat it like you would a newborn child. This is about trust people. Don't break the trust, just wash it and give it back the following week.

5. Being late without notice
I've said this once and I'll say it again: there's no excuses for being late and not telling anyone about it. Not being on time is annoying enough but in this age of technology if you can't send a courtesy text or email letting the waiting party know you're running behind time, then you sir are a jerk,

6. Saying you don't read
That's not a thing. Unless you're two years old and literally can't. Pick up a magazine or read a blog post (this one is especially good) if books are a big step for you, but don't say silly things about not reading. Being a nerd isn't uncool any more anyway.

7. Wearing shoes that hurt your feet
As your mother I am here to tell you that you should look after your feet. Limping because of blisters is so 2015. Buy a comfy, well supported pair with good grip so you stay on your two pins in the rain.

8. Asking people questions Google can answer
Unless you know someone is knowledgeable in a certain area don't annoy them with questions like: "Do you know any burger places in Sydney?". GOOGLE IT! If you want people's opinions on something (i.e. What is the best burger place in Sydney?), go nuts.But for specific queries, Google is god.

9. Staying inside when it's raining
It's so, so tempting to bundle up and cancel those dinner plans when the heavens open but in 2016 don't let the rain keep you away! Just be prepared with some waterproof gear, and go get that fresh air. You'll also notice that it's a lot quieter when it's raining so now is the time to hit up that popular cafe that usually has a line down the street. Plus, what's a little frizzy hair amongst friends?

10. Not expressing gratitude
The days of sending thank you letters may have passed, but I say we bring it back! A simple thanks goes a long way and if someone has done something special, stuck their neck out for you or just made you smile when you were down, give them a shout out. Flowers, cards, emails, texts or a high five work wonders.

11. Holding onto clothes that don't fit
Becoming anti-clutter will change your life and the key to having a killer wardrobe is actually less choice. Now is the time to stop wasting space on things that are too big, too small, need to be fixed or aren't quite right. Having ONE goal item to fit into if you're losing weight is OK, everything else must go!

12. Saving the good things for the right time
Now is the right time to wear your sexy lingerie and use the good glasses! That day may never come so treat every day (and yourself!) like it's special and pretty soon it will be.

13. Using tablets to take photos
When will this end?! It's so awkward to watch. Use your phone or I dunno... a camera!

14. Sharing those 'Facebook update' posts
Mark Zuckerberg is never going to give you money and putting up a copy and pasted status does not give you rights of any kind. Every year I see people fooled by this and posting them 'just in case'. Next time you see what is essentially the modern version of a chain email, ask yourself: "Where did this come from?".

15. Not reading the labels
I'm a borderline eco-warrior, so this is a mild dramatisation... But I promise that reading the ingredient list on your food and beauty products will surprise you. I'm not suggesting you make any changes but guess what the first ingredient is in your 'natural' muesli bar? Sugar. And that shampoo? The tears of the tigers who lost their home to plant palms for oil. It's the quickest way to make better choices.

16. Saying you can't if you haven't even tried
If there is one word I cannot stand hearing come out of someone's mouth the minute after you've offered them a solution or option, is can't. This year, ditch the excuses and TRY. Even if you don't succeed you'll get a star or something right?

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