Monday, December 14, 2015

My Fifth Piece (Second Round): Off The Shoulder Playsuit

This is my last piece for the very first year (and hopefully not last!) of the 5 Piece French Wardrobe challenge. I desperately wanted a new playsuit and I can't get enough of all things off the shoulder so when I saw this fresh, baby blue number from Mura Boutique I jumped at the chance. Even though it wasn't a quality piece, the spirit of the challenge was to add interesting, seasonal items to your closet so even if this playsuit isn't forever, I adore it. Plus, it's cotton and that's on the good material list for me!

I did a 6 month reflection piece a while ago and to be honest, that was a piece of cake compared to this second half! I have felt a bit constricted by the 5 Piece Wardrobe challenge this time around and I think it's because of the warmer weather and since I already had a very limited summer wardrobe I had a lot more trouble choosing the five pieces. I felt like I needed everything! That's probably evidence to stock up on the basics,which I might try and do in the Christmas sales. Can you believe I didn't own a denim skirt until recently?!

So, you're probably all wondering if I'll keep doing this challenge next year, and the answer is yes. BUT. There's always a but and that's because I do want to try some new trends and looks so if it's a very cheap item, I'm going to buy it. I also have an outfit challenge idea I want to do so I might have to be more flexible. Aaaaaan for the sake of honesty, I technically bought a sixth piece. Oops. Tripped at the finish line but as they say, I have #noregrets.

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