Monday, December 7, 2015

5 In 5: Things To Remember For Your Work Christmas Party

1. A killer outfit
As you may have seen from the pictures, a dress that is fun, festive and just damn pretty is essential. This red lacey number is from Boohoo (check it out, plus a hundred others, here) and they were kind enough to send it to me as part of their #WeAreFamily campaign, which is all about time spent with loved ones, parties and whatever else makes you feel sparkly! This dress is my new instant sequin feeling number.

2. Don't get too drunk
This is a no-brainer. Have as much champagne as you like at home or with your friends, but around coworkers be mindful of your limits (mine is 8). Never forget that the person who could be interviewing you for that manager position could be the person you spilled your drink on.

3. Get pictures!
Sometimes people feel awkward about being the photo taking one but you really shouldn't! Everyone wants pictures of when they're looking fly, so why not be the one who controls which pop up on Facebook? It's smart really...

4. A way home (alone)
I am a very firm believer in not shitting where you eat. Crass? Maybe, but it's a harsh lesson I know a lot of people have learnt. If you didn't think he/she was smoking hot the other 11 months of the year, then you probably don't think they are now either. Make sure you know how you're getting home for safety's and dignity's sake!

5. Deodorant
You'll be dancing, there will be plenty of people jammed together and there will be 'see you next year' hugs. Don't be the stinky one.

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