Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Fourth Piece (Second Round): Bardot Suede Skirt

So I have a story about this purchase... for Halloween I decided that Kylie Jenner was the ONLY costume for me and I don't like to do things by halves so it had to be perfect. I got fake nails, I got a long dark wig (and mate my coworkers vote on which one was most Kylie) and while I didn't get botox, my lip liner game was strong. But when it came to her clothing I hit a hurdle: I don't particularly like wearing tight clothing. After much Instagram research I settled on a King Kylie outfit I was 67% happy to wear and started the hunt...

But it wasn't as easy as I imagined to find a tan midi skirt! White crops aplenty, but no skirt. Then I was doing one last rounds of the shop before buying my backup option and found the Blondie Midi Skirt in Bardot. It was love at first sight! Of course I was super reluctant to spend so much on a costume but my sister talked me into it, pointing out I can wear it in winter too and my niece convinced by further by running her hands up and down it going "Wowwwwww". Neither of them will ever be my choice for an AA sponsor but I am so happy I bought something a little different than my usual style that makes me feel damn sexy!

Plus, it's 100% leather so I stuck to my material rules and that feels pretty good. It's currently marked down! Don't you hate it when that happens LITERALLY the week after you buy it full price?! Never mind, get yours right here.

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  1. Baby you looking gorgeous in this skirt..

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