Thursday, September 3, 2015

How To: Wear Socks and Heels

Wearing socks and heels is a great trick for trans-seasonal dressing. Is it hot? Is it cold? It doesn't matter, because you've got yourself (sorta) covered! It's also not the easiest trend to pull off because getting the sock to heel ratio can be tricky. My three rules are:
1. Always use thin socks unless the bridge of your foot is enclosed (i.e. boots).
2. Have clean, new socks. Don't wear your bally, stained pairs; save them for the gym.
3. Follow the catwalks. Go for colours that are in fashion or textures that are super luxe. It'll help avoid that 'I'm a tourist wearing socks and sandals' look.

Here are five quick ideas for you to try out:

Boots with Chunky Socks

Heels and Socks 3

Fun Socks with Matching Heels


Schoolgirl Style

Heels and Socks 2

Open Toe with Sparkles

Heels and Socks 4

Clashing Prints

Heels and Socks 5

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