Monday, September 7, 2015

Handbag Essentials

Running a tight ship with your handbag is an art form. It took me many sore shoulders and tired arms before I learnt not to carry my entire bedroom with me whenever I left the house. Part of my life de-cluttering has been downsizing my bag and getting rid of the random extras that seem to sneak in. Try finding a medium sized bag and saying "If it does not fit in here, it isn't coming", then, once every couple weeks go through it and throw out any receipts and cheeky items that aren't on the following list:

PawPaw Ointment: Any basic lip gloss will do but I love PawPaw because you can also use it as cuticle cream, on blisters or cuts and to tame your brows.

A Great Wallet: Not too big, and not too small; find the Goldilocks of wallets ( I LOVE my Kate Spade one) that will carry coins, max. ten cards and cash. That's it.

Compact Mirror: For touch ups on the go and perving on the hottie behind you... subtly.

Bobby Pins and Hair Ties: Two hair ties and four bobby pins is enough. Seriously, don't let them accumulate! Keep them in a cute little container so you always know where to find them and they're not running amok in your bag.

USB Charger: You just don't know when you'll need to charge your phone. I have used my one of these countless times and it's great for work and sleepovers.

Concealer: I don't like carrying a lot of makeup but a little tube of concealer is great for touch ups in the afternoon (bags anyone?!) and covering redness.

A Cute Key Chain: I've spoken about my love for fluffy key chains before but I won't restrict you to fur! Just find something that you'll recognise the shape and feel of when you're digging around for your keys in the dark.

Tissues: Sniffing is for children and rude people Added bonus... not all bathrooms are well stocked with toilet paper. Now that's not even an issue for you!

Pen: All adults must carry a pen. Fact.

Two Lipsticks: I favour the Clinique Chubby Sticks because they've got great colours and are moisturising but limit yourself to two only. A bag full of lipsticks helps no one, so carry a brown and a red so you always have something to suit your outfit/mood.

Gum: Or mints! Totally your call, but fresh breath is an instant reset after eating, before a meeting or if you're on the train home and dinner seems too far.

Sunglasses: Because the world can be a bright place and the sun is cruel to your eyes. Avoid early crows-feet by donning your shades. Also, you can now add an air of mystery whenever you choose.

Basic First Aid: I carry bandaids and panadol. That's first aid right? But it's important to have some simple medicine in your bad for any scrapes or stress headaches.

Earphones: You don't have to listen to people talk on public transport now: YAY! The day you forget your earphones will be a sad day... so keep them in a little case where they won't get tangled.

Handbag Essentials

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