Monday, September 28, 2015

My Third Piece (Second Round): Botkier Soho Satchel

I know what you're thinking... "Oooh this chick be dropping 100's and fiddys like there's no tomorrow". But I was a month behind on the 5 Piece French Wardrobe and I saw this baby blue in Shopbop's (online) window and couldn't resist!

Technically accessories aren't supposed to be part of the 5 Piece but since this was a little on the exxy side and I didn't especially need a new handbag... the Botkier Soho Satchel goes on the list! I mean, if I was going to buy a staple I'd buy it in black right?!

This bag is everything I ever dreamed of, and this is actually my first proper designer handbag purchase! Self high five! I can see why women get addicted to bags now. The smell of the leather and it's softness... even the dust bag for it is adorable! Seriously considering adding another bag for my next 5 Piece item.

Unfortunately it is sold out now but I cannot recommend Botkier enough! They're at the lower end to so great for handbag collector newbies like me. Also, the colour... I can't explain how amazing it is. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

What To Wear From Work To Drinks

We all like to make the most of our time and one of the easiest ways to cut down 'time spent' is by not going home between events. The most common event being: Friday night drinks after work. But how are you going to look presentable after a hard day sitting in front of the computer or telling customers "No, sorry, there really are no size 12's left. Yes, I did check out the back."? Here are my top tips to get party ready from work.

Be Prepared
I always keep a makeup purse in my desk draw. It doesn't have to be the whole shebang, just the essentials:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Bobby pins
  • Makeup wipes
  • Deodorant and roll on perfume (not a total must-have but it will make you feel fresh)
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Hightlighter
  • Foundation (the sample pots from makeup counters are perfect here)
If you have the basics to re-do your face and spruce up your hair you'll be laughing all the way to the bar. And then all the way back to your seat with that wine in your hand.

Now the fun part, here are three outfits you can easily make quick changes to so you're out the door quicker than someone can say "Bar tab!"

Work to drinks

Work to drinks

Work to drinks 3

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Second Piece (Round 2): Steele Adelita Skirt

You all thought I'd forgotten hadn't you! I have been crazy busy lately but that hasn't stopped me going after my 5 Piece French Wardrobe dream...and honestly, I really feel like I'm hitting my stride now. Those basics are starting to work seamlessly with my add ons and getting dressed in the morning is much easier (or maybe I'm just excited about the warmer weather!)

My latest piece is the Adelita Midi Skirt from the Romantica Collection. I first saw this gorgeous skirt on Steele's Instagram. They're an amazing Melbourne label that has Jesinta Campbell, Emma Lucey from Spin Dizzy Fall blog and Jasmin Howell from Friend in Fashion blog as fans, so you can pretty much guarantee they've got some cool items. 

I wanted something a little more boho and red is a colour I've always loved, plus I'd been searching for the perfect split skirt for aaaaaages. I loved this grown up floral print and once I found out the skirt actually had built in shorts I was sold. Yep, those are shorts underneath to protect your modesty in the breeze. How great is that?! This has already been worn with denim and a plain white tee. Can't wait to dress it up on a night out... I've got my eye on a pair of those red Aquazzura tassel heels. Might have to settle for a copy though since they're sold out!

Steele's stuff sells out SUPER quick and this skirt is already gone (I luckily bought it during pre-order). They do have the same style in a gorgeous black and white though that would literally go with everything. Grab it here before it's gone! 

Oh and to make you even more in love with their stuff. Here is Jesinta looking drop dead gorgeous in their off the shoulder dress version. Seriously, what a babe?!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

5 In 5: Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Today

I am an Insta fiend! It's easily my favourite social platform because of it's beautiful images, the way you can discover something new so easily and it's lac of spammy crap (until recently when ads started getting rolled out on a bigger!). Needless to say, I spend a lot of time on there and it's the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning. If you're after some great accounts to follow then here are my top 5...

Patricia Chang (@patriciachangny)
Hailing from NY City, this mum/fashion designer is as cute as her son Chase. Follow her for sneak peeks into her adorable handbag range, green view in Central Park and the sweetest snaps of her family. Also, because she's a wonderful human being, she will reply to your comments and check out your page occasionally. I'm in lurveeeee!

Eloise Jaksic (@eloisejaksic)
She describes herself as a Social Media, PR, Digital Marketing Chick...and she's from Sydney! (Sydney represent!) She is buddies with the Shakuhachi crew and has the most lust worthy collections of shades you've ever seen.

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Doone Roisin (@dooneroisin)
I first found her account when she did the social media for The Iconic (because I am a total fangirl of theirs) and fell in love with her zest for life. Another Aussie, her outfits are always fun and she loves to travel. Are we soul mates? Probably.

A photo posted by @dooneroisin on

Style By Jules (@stylebyjules)
She runs her own blog, naturally named: Style By Jules (who would have thunk it?!) I love her natural, not overdone vibe and her pics are always bright and fresh. Her smile just makes you want to give her a big hug and beg her to let you live with her in Europe. Check out her blog for life changing fashion tips like this one here.

Kirsten Anderton (@kirstenanderton)
A recent find for me and an INSTAnt fave (see what I did there?) This girl knows how to work monochrome in the best ways and has textured dressing down to an art. She's based in Melbourne, so don't be jealous if you spot some amazing Shortstop Donuts on her feed (yummmmm).

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Party Games For Adults

Calm down, not those sorts of party games! But these aren't just drinking games either (psssh, those old things!). These games are ones I've found are great for the laughs or breaking the ice. Don't know half the people your house mate invited to your house-warming? No sweat, just pull out a set of Cards Against Humanity! I guarantee you'll have a few new friends by the end of playing these age appropriate games...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this game. If you're not, go educate yourself here and come back. This adult version doesn't need the fancy set. Just make sure everyone has a notepad, pen and there's one phone available for time-keeping. Now the fun part... you make your own questions! No more naming boring public parks, because now you can ask you friends what they'd find in a sex shop! Pick 10 hilarious questions, leave the list in the middle so everyone can see and then open the keyboard on your phone. Someone closes their eyes, picks a letter and the timer begins counting down the 3 minutes. Everyone has to write their answers to the questions using that letter. Simple!
Stuck for inspiration? Here's my favourite questions to get you started:
1. What's something you'd talk about on a first date?
2. Something you'd find in the kitchen that could double as a sex toy.
3. Unusual places to have sex.
4. Something you would find on the bottom of your shoe.
5. Famous people who have made terrible decisions.

Cards Against Humanity
This AMAZING card game is dubbed 'a party game for horrible people' ... and for good reason because it is so rude, crude and brilliant! Basically you are given a variety of cards that say nasty things like "kids with ass cancer" and "Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine" and then everyone takes turn asking questions (those are the black cards with spaces...der) and you make the funniest answer possible. I have been in tears of joy from this game but fair warning, DO NOT play this with anyone who is easily offended. Buy yourself a deck here. Although if you have infinite patience and a laminator, you can get the free pdf version.

Naughty Charades
This is basically guess the sex position. Get your Google on and discover the craziest sexy time positions you can, print them off with the picture and put them in a hat. Get into teams of two and act them out... you know... like charades! Odds are no one will really be able to get them (unless they're a Karma Sutra expert) but half the fun is watching them be acted out ;)

Ok this one is a drinking game but it's great because you don't need any equipment. Everyone sits in a circle and then the person to your left whispers a question in your ear so that only you can hear i.e. 'Who is the hottest in the room?' You then say the person in the group you think is the answer to the question VERY loud. If the poor paranoid person wants to know the question, they have to drink. But if they decide they can live without knowing then you drink. This is excellent for people who know each other very well (because you'll know how to make each other squirm) but also pretty cool for strangers because you won't really offend anyone when someone asks 'Who is going to vomit tonight?'... I mean, maybe they just look a bit green!

Caution, this game can result in unexpected injuries! But it's so worth playing anyway. It's basically musical chairs but with spoons (so one spoon less than there is people playing). Why? Because they're small and easy to snatch up. Get everyone to sit in a circle and deal out a deck of cards so everyone has four. The aim is to get four of the same number, so four Queens, four sevens etc. Whoever starts, picks up a new card from the undealt pile and if they don't want it, they pass it on clockwise. YOU CAN ONLY HOLD FOUR CARDS AT A TIME! And you have to pass them quick (it's so stressful being at the end here so swap who starts).Once you get your four cards grab for a spoon from the middle. When other players notice you going for it, it's all out war and they have to grab a spoon as quickly as possible in order to not be the only one left without one. Once someone is out, remove another spoon and continue!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Handbag Essentials

Running a tight ship with your handbag is an art form. It took me many sore shoulders and tired arms before I learnt not to carry my entire bedroom with me whenever I left the house. Part of my life de-cluttering has been downsizing my bag and getting rid of the random extras that seem to sneak in. Try finding a medium sized bag and saying "If it does not fit in here, it isn't coming", then, once every couple weeks go through it and throw out any receipts and cheeky items that aren't on the following list:

PawPaw Ointment: Any basic lip gloss will do but I love PawPaw because you can also use it as cuticle cream, on blisters or cuts and to tame your brows.

A Great Wallet: Not too big, and not too small; find the Goldilocks of wallets ( I LOVE my Kate Spade one) that will carry coins, max. ten cards and cash. That's it.

Compact Mirror: For touch ups on the go and perving on the hottie behind you... subtly.

Bobby Pins and Hair Ties: Two hair ties and four bobby pins is enough. Seriously, don't let them accumulate! Keep them in a cute little container so you always know where to find them and they're not running amok in your bag.

USB Charger: You just don't know when you'll need to charge your phone. I have used my one of these countless times and it's great for work and sleepovers.

Concealer: I don't like carrying a lot of makeup but a little tube of concealer is great for touch ups in the afternoon (bags anyone?!) and covering redness.

A Cute Key Chain: I've spoken about my love for fluffy key chains before but I won't restrict you to fur! Just find something that you'll recognise the shape and feel of when you're digging around for your keys in the dark.

Tissues: Sniffing is for children and rude people Added bonus... not all bathrooms are well stocked with toilet paper. Now that's not even an issue for you!

Pen: All adults must carry a pen. Fact.

Two Lipsticks: I favour the Clinique Chubby Sticks because they've got great colours and are moisturising but limit yourself to two only. A bag full of lipsticks helps no one, so carry a brown and a red so you always have something to suit your outfit/mood.

Gum: Or mints! Totally your call, but fresh breath is an instant reset after eating, before a meeting or if you're on the train home and dinner seems too far.

Sunglasses: Because the world can be a bright place and the sun is cruel to your eyes. Avoid early crows-feet by donning your shades. Also, you can now add an air of mystery whenever you choose.

Basic First Aid: I carry bandaids and panadol. That's first aid right? But it's important to have some simple medicine in your bad for any scrapes or stress headaches.

Earphones: You don't have to listen to people talk on public transport now: YAY! The day you forget your earphones will be a sad day... so keep them in a little case where they won't get tangled.

Handbag Essentials

Thursday, September 3, 2015

How To: Wear Socks and Heels

Wearing socks and heels is a great trick for trans-seasonal dressing. Is it hot? Is it cold? It doesn't matter, because you've got yourself (sorta) covered! It's also not the easiest trend to pull off because getting the sock to heel ratio can be tricky. My three rules are:
1. Always use thin socks unless the bridge of your foot is enclosed (i.e. boots).
2. Have clean, new socks. Don't wear your bally, stained pairs; save them for the gym.
3. Follow the catwalks. Go for colours that are in fashion or textures that are super luxe. It'll help avoid that 'I'm a tourist wearing socks and sandals' look.

Here are five quick ideas for you to try out:

Boots with Chunky Socks

Heels and Socks 3

Fun Socks with Matching Heels


Schoolgirl Style

Heels and Socks 2

Open Toe with Sparkles

Heels and Socks 4

Clashing Prints

Heels and Socks 5