Monday, August 3, 2015

What To Wear Hiking

I love climbing things. When we were in Europe, my BFF and I used to joke we just came here to climb stuff. Did you know you can climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? You definitely can! It's become a staple of our travels that if you can climb it; we're there. This has spilled over into my weekends at home and I love going for a walk to see what I can discover or climb (in a totally safe way of course!). Being me, I want to look good while I'm sweating it out up a hill, which is why I have written this handy check list of to what to wear hiking:

Great Shoes: Unless you're going on a proper trek with rough terrain you won't need actual hiking boots. But a pair of Vans won't cut it! You need something supportive with a lot of grip. Higher end Nikes and Asics ( The Kayano style is my go-to) are stylish and functional.

Swell Water Bottle: These bottles are gorgeous. Go buy one right now. I recommend googling them because every boutique has different styles.

Baseball Cap: Sunburn is for losers. Ok, not my most winning sun safety message but you can get burnt through trees so add one even if it's on backwards and just for the street cred... it might come in handy!

Hoodie: A zip up hoodie is my favourite hiking item. If it's only a short walk and I'm not taking a bag, those pockets are essential! They're just great for layering and look cute tied around your waist if it get's too hot.

Face Mist: A little bit of luxury will put a smile on your face after a hard patch. A fresh face mist will wake you up and cool you down. Can also be doubled if your deodorant hasn't quite done it's job!

Colourful Tights: Partly for the fun factor, partly for safety. If you got lost or fell off something (touch wood!) you'd be much easier to spot sporting some bright duds. Try and get a pair with a small zip pocket too in case you want to go bag free.

GPS Watch: Wearing a FitBit (or other brand, I'm no snob) gives you data to back up your look out selfies. Did you hike 5 km in 40 minutes? Yeah you did! Also handy for, again and heaven forbid, you get lost.

Supportive Singlet: I've noticed a tight, well fitted singlet is more comfortable on long walks. Maybe the support makes me stand taller but slouchy styles always make me feel weighed down.

Backpack: A simple canvas style is enough for a day walk to carry some snacks and celebratory beers (totally a thing). The Iconic sells some great, chic ones in plain styles.

SPF Lipbalm: Again, sunburn sucks but this is more for comfort. You won't be wearing much makeup so a pink lipbalm with some SPF is a must for making you look rosy... and not want to tear your lips off because they feel like a desert.


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