Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Turtleneck Craze

Jumper: Vogue Clothing, Miranda Westfield (similar here), Skirt: Vintage (similar here), Heels: Spurr via The Iconic (similar here)

Since coming back from NZ I just want to be comfy all the time! I've been favouring looser clothing, maybe because I drank a lot and dined on chocolate often, but maybe because I'm experimenting with different shapes. I love that turtlenecks are in fashion this winter and spring. I think it's a nice change and they're so cute! I'm loving the thick knit variety but I have bought a thin, tighter kind us Aussies call a 'skivvy' which I will be donning before the warmer weather comes.
I'm also starting to trial browns a bit more! Look how experiential I am with my turtlenecks and khakis ;)

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