Monday, August 24, 2015

Shoe Review: Spurr Melissa Point Heels

These cuties are by Spurr (via The Iconic) and we all know I am a Spurr fan! They're always fairly priced and bang on trend, which let's face it... isn't that common! 
These shoes have a nice semi-cushioned insole and the outer sole is made of soft rubber that is non-slip. I've only worn these indoors at work but I'm a little worried the sole wouldn't stand a long term road test. Like all stilettos the heel cap is a bit slippery because of the plastic (can someone please invent a nice rubber one?!).
I love the elastic on the straps so they fit close but not tight without adjusting them every time. 
Overall I would give them a 6.5/10. They pinch a little on the top cap and they are office only shoes for sure BUT they look seriously hot so I'm okay with that. 
You can grab yourself a pair here; be quick because Spurr sells out fast!

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