Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Zealand Photo Diary

Normally when I come back from a trip I'm reaching straight for my Travel Bucket List (totally a thing) and ticking off my latest destination. But that didn't happen this time!
New Zealand was actually an off the cuff trip! We'd planned to go with some mates and next thing we knew they'd pulled out but me and Alex had booked. Usually we're sun seekers, so the cold was a little shock but we'd come with plenty of beanies in tow!
Anyone who has ever seen a picture of New Zealand knows how beautiful it is. Pictures actually don't do it justice. It's phenomenal. I had my nose glued to every bus and plane window because the scenery was constantly changing and always amazing. It can be so raw and wild one minute, then placid rolling hills stretch for miles the next. 
We did a Topdeck tour of the North Island so we could see as much as possible before heading to Queenstown for 5 days to learn to snowboard (a hilariously difficult activity for one as athletically challenged as myself). Our stops in the North Island were: Auckland, Bay of Islands, Rotorua,  Tongariro National Park and Wellington, as well as tonnes of hidden gems along the way!
We got a great package through Snow Excuse/Kiwi Discovery for Queenstown that included 3 days of lessons, gear hire and transport (check it out here!) They were an excellent company that I can't recommend enough. They were so flexible, friendly and always open! 

We were only gone for two weeks but it was such an action packed holiday that between the hikes and rugby lessons, it felt like we were gone for a month! For the first time ever I was grateful that there wasn't much of a party scene. Seriously, there's just not a big enough population for clubs, but look out when you get to Queenstown!.
I will definitely be going back. Only three hours by plane from Sydney? I'd be silly not to! Plus I am dying to try their water activities in Summer! 

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