Monday, August 31, 2015

Fashion Prints For Less

A lot of people associate art with luxury, because it often is very expensive. But being a girl with an eye for a bargain, I've discovered you can have gorgeous artwork for less by sourcing it from Etsy and they all have that Kerrie Hess feel. Most of the time these artists pursue it as a hobby or a side-business and therefore charge less (because they have a second income...). I have found some AMAZING prints on there over the years and currently have a lovely Chanel perfume bottle one hanging in my lounge room. 
To make your life extra smooth, I've gone and picked out some of my personal faves that won't break the bank.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things It's Okay (And Not Okay) To Waste Your Time On

Source: Zara

CAUTION: Not just fashion content ahead!
I'm not a huge over-sharer but since I'm here I may as well say I've been having a rough year. Sadly, I know I'm not the only one having a not so good time, which is what has inspired me to write a post a little different from my usual style. I'm no expert, but I'm old enough and ugly enough to have learnt a few things about life (and fashion) so I've put them together here for you to reflect on. And maybe also as a reminder for myself if I forget ;)

Okay To Waste Time On: Trashy TV
I think it's healthy to waste time binge watching television shows. If it genuinely makes you happy to spend 7 hours of your Sunday in front of the tele, you should do it. Plus, no one wants to be behind in Game of Thrones, because the internet is dark and full of spoilers.

Not Okay: Trashy People
We can't always control who comes into our lives, but we can control the time and energy we spend on them. If your gut tells you something is off with someone; don't engage! Even if everyone else is (and I know this is especially hard in a work circumstances) but if you get bad vibes, don't be anything more (or less!) than polite.

Okay To Waste Time On: Daydreaming About The Future
Hands up who bought into all that 'The Secret' vibe? I kinda/sorta/maybe believe that we can shape our future through positive thinking. But this is something you want to waste your time on mainly because planning can get you excited for your damn life! You should be counting down the days before a fantastic trip and falling asleep at night imagining your dream house. Good for the soul I say!

Not Okay: Reliving The Past
I get stuck on this one a lot! But it's done, it's over and there is no amount of dissecting that will change what's been and gone (or still limping along). It's simply not productive. Paulo Coehlo (one of my favourite authors) said it the best: "It is important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over". 
Okay To Waste Time On: Finding The Right Thing
This can apply to adding pieces to your wardrobe, getting the perfect gift for a loved one or searching for 'the one'. Take your time! I know from experience that you won't love the pair of jeans you rushed into buying (not a metaphor). Don't get caught up in 'needing something now'. This is especially true when looking for a partner because feelings are not the same as heels and it's harder to say 'oops sorry' to a 'bad purchase' (that part is a metaphor).

Not Okay: Pretending It's The Right Thing
We've all done this. And while it is easier to say "Yes, thanks, I love how this skirt twists around while I walk. I'm thrilled to have spent $200 on it" or stay in the wrong relationship because it's less hassle; that just isn't okay. It's better to have nothing or wait for the right thing (see above) than waste your precious time acting. It's draining, false and does nothing for your integrity. Another quote for you, from Mahatma Gandhi this time:  "A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."

Okay To Waste Time On: Creating Special Moments 
The older I've gotten the more I've realised how important this is. Wear your pretty underwear even if you have no one to show. Plan a picnic instead of going to a cafe. Put time aside to have dinner with your mum and don't have anywhere to be afterwards; your friends and family deserve your full attention. Explore a hidden path you always noticed but never went down. Eventually you'll start seeing everything as special and unique and trust me, you will smile a lot more.

Not Okay: Rushing Through Life
Life is not about ticking boxes. We're all busy (soz, you're not the only one) and I think we all feel a need to pack as much into a day as possible. But I have friends (no names!) who are constantly running from one thing to another and end up totally burnt out and frazzled. I am guilty of this too! And I've noticed while I'm doing it, I'm not really present (a meditation term for only giving a shit about what's happening now).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shoe Review: Spurr Melissa Point Heels

These cuties are by Spurr (via The Iconic) and we all know I am a Spurr fan! They're always fairly priced and bang on trend, which let's face it... isn't that common! 
These shoes have a nice semi-cushioned insole and the outer sole is made of soft rubber that is non-slip. I've only worn these indoors at work but I'm a little worried the sole wouldn't stand a long term road test. Like all stilettos the heel cap is a bit slippery because of the plastic (can someone please invent a nice rubber one?!).
I love the elastic on the straps so they fit close but not tight without adjusting them every time. 
Overall I would give them a 6.5/10. They pinch a little on the top cap and they are office only shoes for sure BUT they look seriously hot so I'm okay with that. 
You can grab yourself a pair here; be quick because Spurr sells out fast!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

7 Kimonos That Are Perfect For Swanning Around

A favourite past time of mine is 'swanning'. 'What is that', you ask? 
Why, it's the ability to act like a gorgeous creature in minimal but floaty clothing.
The perfect piece for this simply has to be the kimono. 
The good thing about kimonos is that they're wearable at night in your boudoir (aka bedroom) and during the day around town. Also, absolutely perfect for trans-seasonal dressing. As the weather warms up in Australia (or cools down in the Northern Hemisphere) you'll need something lightweight you can throw on to take off the chill. 
Here are my top picks for adding a little something extra to your wardrobe:

Blue Mountains Bliss

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Turtleneck Craze

Jumper: Vogue Clothing, Miranda Westfield (similar here), Skirt: Vintage (similar here), Heels: Spurr via The Iconic (similar here)

Since coming back from NZ I just want to be comfy all the time! I've been favouring looser clothing, maybe because I drank a lot and dined on chocolate often, but maybe because I'm experimenting with different shapes. I love that turtlenecks are in fashion this winter and spring. I think it's a nice change and they're so cute! I'm loving the thick knit variety but I have bought a thin, tighter kind us Aussies call a 'skivvy' which I will be donning before the warmer weather comes.
I'm also starting to trial browns a bit more! Look how experiential I am with my turtlenecks and khakis ;)

How To: Style Suspenders

Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Zealand Photo Diary

Normally when I come back from a trip I'm reaching straight for my Travel Bucket List (totally a thing) and ticking off my latest destination. But that didn't happen this time!
New Zealand was actually an off the cuff trip! We'd planned to go with some mates and next thing we knew they'd pulled out but me and Alex had booked. Usually we're sun seekers, so the cold was a little shock but we'd come with plenty of beanies in tow!
Anyone who has ever seen a picture of New Zealand knows how beautiful it is. Pictures actually don't do it justice. It's phenomenal. I had my nose glued to every bus and plane window because the scenery was constantly changing and always amazing. It can be so raw and wild one minute, then placid rolling hills stretch for miles the next. 
We did a Topdeck tour of the North Island so we could see as much as possible before heading to Queenstown for 5 days to learn to snowboard (a hilariously difficult activity for one as athletically challenged as myself). Our stops in the North Island were: Auckland, Bay of Islands, Rotorua,  Tongariro National Park and Wellington, as well as tonnes of hidden gems along the way!
We got a great package through Snow Excuse/Kiwi Discovery for Queenstown that included 3 days of lessons, gear hire and transport (check it out here!) They were an excellent company that I can't recommend enough. They were so flexible, friendly and always open! 

We were only gone for two weeks but it was such an action packed holiday that between the hikes and rugby lessons, it felt like we were gone for a month! For the first time ever I was grateful that there wasn't much of a party scene. Seriously, there's just not a big enough population for clubs, but look out when you get to Queenstown!.
I will definitely be going back. Only three hours by plane from Sydney? I'd be silly not to! Plus I am dying to try their water activities in Summer!