Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shoe Review: Blooming Leopard Tilly Slide

What's so special about these simple slip ons that they deserve a shoe review?
I'm glad you asked!
Blooming Leopard (a new online boutique specialising in leather goods) gifted me this pair of stylish slides and I thought I knew all there was to know about black sandals. I've owned some cute ankle strap pairs and a pair of black Havaiana thongs (soooo chic), clearly I've got that base covered? Wrong.
A whole new world has opened up to me now. I finally understand why 'artistic types' (a.k.a. hipsters) buy $300 Birkenstocks and need 6 different pairs of black flats. Good quality leather shoes will elevate every outfit. Seriously. I'm devastated it's winter (because I have been suffering while wearing these during this cold snap) and I can't wear them everyday. When I put these cute Tilly slides on I feel cooler. Like, I am officially a cool person. They're 100% leather and the pony hair detail on the straps adds that extra bit of texture that makes jeans and a t-shirt become an it-girl uniform and street style photography worthy.
They also get the 'Danielle-Nanna Sole Seal of Approval', which means they have a grippy bottom that will keep me on my feet, not on my tush. The bottom of the sole is also contoured like runners and has added arch support; making these some seriously comfortable sandals. I do a lot of walking so I need shoes that will last all day and the wide straps don't rub like skinny, rubber flip flops do.
So what's the catch?
They're quite narrow, so I'd recommend going up a size (or really wearing them in, they are leather so they'll mould to your foot). I really had to squash my foot in there and wear them a couple days before I found them easy to get on!
Also, do not wear these sans pedicure. People will look at your feet and compliment you. This happened to me twice and I had nowhere to curl up and hide my plain winter toes while they were going "Awesome shoes" "So stylish".

Expect to see these in a lot of off-duty outfit posts!
Just kidding, I'm always off duty.

If you'd like to grab yourself a pair, here is the link. There's also a Greek Island perfect pair in tan minus the pony hair for if you're not as artistic as me. *adjusts beret and lights cigarette*

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