Monday, July 27, 2015

How To: Show Some Skin And Still Be Classy

There's fine line between sexy and slutty isn't there? I'm hardly known for showing more than I need to and I strongly believe in doing it the right way. And by the right way I mean not showing people where babies come from in a pair of cut off denim shorts that resemble a boob tube. Yeah, I said it.
BUT I do think there is a way to show some skin and maintain an air of mystery, and the key to doing this is by showing unexpected parts of your body. Forget showing off your cleavage and your every inch of your thighs; here are the new ways to bare all.

1. Midriff

There is a reason crop shirts have been hanging around for so long. The area of skin they show off (just below the ribs and NOT the belly button) is subtle and usually the thinnest part of your body. It even has the power to create a waist if you don't have one!

2. Back

Backless styles are the definition of sexy for me. They're elegant and business in the front, party out the back (like a mullet). Look for upper back cut-outs or lower back baring crossover shirts.

3. One Leg

Angelina Jolie favours this look because it's a formula that works: it's classy and sexy. The best thing is a thigh high split makes every girl look like she has legs for days.

Zoe Saldana

4. Sides

The newest cut-out trend is the sides of the body. Rib baring holes are definitely unexpected and a boxy shirt with them dresses up any pair of jeans for night.

Jamie Chung

5. Shoulders

The simplest and best for all body types in my opinion. An off the shoulder shirt is fresh and fun. Chicks (and dudes) dig collarbones.

Foxy Lady- OOTD 

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