Monday, July 13, 2015

How To: Get Rid Of Winter

Banishing winter?
Yes, I have that power.
Well... I can show you how to make it feel like summer is coming. And we've only got a month and a bit left of the colder months so you may as well bookmark this now because you're going to need it come post hibernation.

Step 1.

Go into the bathroom. Bring some tunes and maybe tell your house mates/boyfriend/mum you're going to be a little longer than normal. If they need to pee, speak now.

Step 2.

I haven't shaved. You haven't shaved. No, don't lie. It's the best part about winter and there's no shame in letting some extra warmth grow. BUT you will dull a razor almost instantly by trying to get through that hedge so grab some depilatory cream. My favourite is the spray on sensitive skin range from Veet. Because I have sensitive skin. And I am lazy. Just spray it all over and move onto the next step.

Step 3.  

You've got 10 minutes (MAX!) until it's time to wash off the cream so now is the perfect time to put on more things that need time: like a face mask! Quickly wash your face and then follow up with a good exfoliator to get rid of the winter dryness. Don't forget to exfoliate your lips! I use a combination of coconut oil and brown sugar: yummy and works a treat! Once that's done, pop on your favourite face mask. I recommend a good hydrating one in winter, rather than a mud mask or black head specific one.

Step 4.

Jump into the shower and go through your normal routine (you shouldn't need help with that), rinsing off your cream...and leg hairs! Resist the urge to have the water turned up too hot, it'll feel great but dry out your skin. Be strong! Exfoliate your body really well, even doing your feet and heels. A little foot massage is tickly and great for stimulating blood flow.

Step 5.

Tan time! Go for something light and natural (or don't, I'm not your mum). I've personally noticed I can only apply tan after I've used hair removal creams, because shaving has taken off the top layer of skin and things are a bit raw and ouchy.

Step 6. 

Now that you're glowing, go put a bikini on and turn the heaters right up in your house. Extra points if you get a towel out and sunbake on your living room floor with a pina colada ;)

This is an accurate depiction of how you will feel.

How to: Wear a Skirt in Winter

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