Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bath Time Essentials

If you follow me on instagram (you totally should) then you know I take bathing pretty seriously.
I've always loved baths. There's a scene in the Little Mermaid where Ariel scoops up some bubbles and blows them into the air (below for your viewing pleasure). It clearly made an impression because that is me. I still do that!
Growing up, I remember my mum enjoying relaxing baths and they became synonymous with time-out and luxury for me. Being a somewhat stressy individual and the bearer of the occasional tension headache, I like to schedule in a bath a week. Which means I've got this down pat.
Watch and learn... here are the essential items you need to make your bath time perfect.

Mood Lighting

A soft glow is just what the doctor ordered for relaxing. Candles are an obvious choice and definitley my favourite. The more the better! But if you're planning to read then you might need a little something extra. An overhead light can be too strong sometimes so I like to bring in a lamp and leave it a safe, sensible distance from the tub.

Bath Products

This is the most fun part! Don't limit yourself to just bubbles! If you've ever set foot in a LUSH store then you know how amazing a bath bomb can be. Bath salts, bath oils and bath teas are just the tip of the iceberg. I like to have a range so I can choose the type or scent depending on my mood.Which brings me to...


The scents you choose can make or break bath time. When I step out of the bath I want to smell warm, sweet and fresh. Make the whole atmosphere scented not just the water! I personally tend to favour lavender for it's relaxing properties but adding a cup of rose water to my bath is golden. Candles help give off a nice aroma and lately I've been experimenting with this pie crust, pear and vanilla Freshmatic automatic spray from Airwick.


Set the scene with some smooth tunes. After losing an ipod into the watery deep, I now keep a playlist ready of some quiet songs that help me relax. My personal favourite? Matchbox 20 for some old school feels! Feeling more modern? Hozier does the trick!


Firstly, I do not condone eating in the bath. I have done it and it isn't okay. But a glass of wine is a must-have! In winter I go for red wine, but come summer, it's champagne all the way. Non-alcoholic mocktails or infused water are also refreshing. Steer clear of tea unless you like it extra steamy; because the combination of hot water inside and out is not for the faint hearted.

Pamper Products

Since you don't have to do anything but sit back and soak, now is the time for a face mask, some exfoliating, shaving and a hair treatment. My best product I've found is coconut body oil from Reniu (although regular coconut oil will do). They have loads of yummy scents and the heat from the bath melts the coconut oil, ready for you to lather on your legs and shave. It then leaves them silky smooth and moisturised! Just remember to be careful getting out and wash the bath properly. You did science at school... you know oil and water don't mix.


A good read will help you check out of reality if you're really feeling the strain. Also just enjoyable! Take care of your actual bathing, shaving and housekeeping prior to opening a page because you may just disappear down the rabbit hole and re-emerge a few hours later wondering what year it is and why you're sitting in a tub of cold water.

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