Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Things To Invest In and 5 To Save On

It's hard to know what to spend your hard earned cash on these days (damn you advertising!). Everything is a must-have, and the new Dion Lee collection at Target is staring you in the eye and you know a designer silk shirt for $80 is a good buy, but what if it's not a good cut, and omg there's only one left in your size!
Sorry, my bad.
You see how easy it is to get overwhelmed?
As a reformed shopaholic, I am here to tell you what is worth investing in and where you can cut corners.



Cheap perfume is one of the biggest crimes against humanity. It won't last the day and it won't last on your shelf. Skip the latest Katy Perry scent and buy Chanel.

Exercise Clothing

Saving on workout gear may seem like a good idea but just think about how much sweating you're doing in them! The wear and tear is far more than normal clothing and it will show quickly. Also, those $10 tights are see through.


A wardrobe staple across all seasons (Yep, I'd wear boots in Summer because I am a bad ass) so it's worth investing in a good, leather pair in a style that won't date. I recommend black Chelsea boots.


It might be nice owning 50 shades of pink but the one quality lipstick in that bunch is the one you'll always reach for. I'll be the first to admit that not all make-up was created equal, but I've found the higher end lipsticks to always last longer and feel more hydrating.


This goes for sports bras, sexy numbers and everyday affairs. A good quality, well fitted bra is great for your lady lumps, your posture, it looks better under clothes and will make you feel more confident. Spend the money and time getting fitted. Better to own 5 bras that are perfect than 50 that suck.

5 to Spend


Face wash

Fancy face washes that claim to have diamond extract and Harry Potter magic can go back on the shelf please. Don't just believe the label at face value, you'll find the ingredients don't actually vary that much. One of the most popular face scrubs ever made is the St Ives Apricot Scrub. Chloe Morello uses it. And it's $8.


You're going to put a run in your tights no matter what you do. Once you accept this, you'll see it makes no monetary sense to buy a pair for $40 when you can get those 'purse packs' of disposable ones for $3 a pop. Wasteful? No way! Use your pairs that are riddled with ladders to hold up stakes in the garden or to create a hilarious spider costume.


Anyone who wants to see them won't care what they look like on (or off) and anyone who doesn't want to see them won't care full stop. Pyjamas are cute no matter the price point and a $200 silk nightie is not good watching TV with a bowl of popcorn attire.


Hats are so expensive. So expensive. Just go look on Net-A-Porter. I am such a hat fan but even I can't justify spending $300+ on a chapeau. It could never get wet, squashed in a suitcase or stored anywhere but it's special (but large) box. The care they would require is too much for us modern gals.


A no brainer really, but some people still insist dropping $15 every week on a new Gilette Venus blade. You don't need to. All you're paying for is a weak 'moisturising' strip. This is a public service announcement letting you off the hook. Buy the bulk pack of 3 blade razors next time, you won't regret it. 

5 to Save

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