Monday, June 22, 2015

Trend Forecast: Crowns

Lately I have noticed the emergence of a new kind of accessory. Perhaps one all of us who grew up watching Disney movies were secretly hoping for. Yes, the crown is happening.
Gone is the whimsical flower variety. It's been modernised in burnished golds and semi-precious stones. And somehow been made more wearable by the chunky, over the top settings. The not-so-humble hair pieces started catching my eye everywhere and I for one am dying to get on board!

Exhibit A. 

Dolce and Gabbana debuted their ornate crown headphones at their Fall-Winter 2015. And only $8,000! (lol)

Exhibit B.

The gorgeous Nadia Fairfax, the new it-girl in Aussie fashion blogging, stopped me in my tracks on my instagram feed wearing this Christie Nicolaides crown and earrings set. Exhibit B.1 here.

Exhibit C.

Rita Ora has been spotted casually accessorising with a golden crown in daylight hours. #BABE

Exhibit D.

If ASOS is stocking it. It is happening. Jump on the train now before you miss your chance to be a princess for a day!

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