Monday, June 29, 2015

Shoe Review: Mox Twist Flats

Mox recently contacted me and asked if I'd be so kind to review a pair of their Twist rubber flats. Being the nice lady I am, I obviously jumped at the chance.
I'd seen rubber shoes here, there and everywhere and wondered what their sudden surge in popularity was all about. I'd been burned during the jelly sandal fad and wanted to know why people were more than willing to pay $100 for a pair of water proof ballet flats (although let's face it, that is kind of amazing). So when I opened the cute drawstring bag these babies came in, I was ready for some serious reviewing.
My first thought was "Woah, these are light!". According to my scales they weigh 300 grams. This is not a typo. They are nothing like the thick plastic jelly sandals and I quickly filed them away as a travel must-have. I find shoes the most cumbersome thing when travelling and if this pair can get wet AND not break my back, then we're in business.
But how did they feel you ask? I set out for a full days shopping and errand running with the latte shade on my feet (as pictured above, but there are loads of other colours here) ready to sweat, stroll, saunter and skip. I didn't take a spare pair of shoes just in case, because I like to live dangerously. They felt like little, rubber clouds. The fit was spot on (I got a 39) and they didn't gape at the sides or rub on my heels. They are much softer than thongs (rubber flip flops to clarify) and the sole is about an inch thick and contoured to feet, unlike thongs.
They felt amazing ALL DAY! I was out from 10am- 4pm and not once did they feel uncomfortable or like they were giving me blisters. I was imagining all sorts of suffering once my feet got sweaty, but nothing happened! Rubber is clearly different to plastic #ScienceFact.
All in all, I would give my new go-to flats a 9/10.
The only drawback is that the sole is textured for grip and picked up a lot of dirt (totally not my fault for running around muddy grounds and being too lazy to clean them. Nope.).
Also worth mentioning: these are not the over-priced $100 variety! You can pick them up on sale right here for $40!!!

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