Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Fifth Piece: Warehouse Sleeveless Blazer

My fifth and final piece (until July...) has arrived. After much umming and ahhing I decided to go for a trend item that may not be in fashion for years to come but would tie together a lot of outfits until Spring. Also, I couldn't stop looking at sleeveless blazers and thinking how chic they were. They're a lot of fun and add such a nice twist to an otherwise simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt.
I didn't want a black or white one (because I have blazers in those colours) and I couldn't commit to a coloured one. Which is a shame because majority of the sleeveless coats available were in that range! So, I looked high and low for the right shade of nude.
I searched ASOS, The Iconic, Boo Hoo, Miss Guided, Urban Outfitters, Sportsgirl, ASOS again (you never know when they'll get new stock) and then finally remembered another UK clothing monolith that now ships to Australia: Warehouse. Their stuff is great for work, very classic, neat and beautifully made; exactly what I wanted in a tailored vest!
Welcome to my wardrobe Warehouse Longline Soft Waistcoat!

And that's half of my year on the 5 Piece French Wardrobe done and dusted. I've noticed I owned far less good quality basics than I thought and returned a grey winter coat for a black one to be good. I've realised I need a new leather jacket and jeans so need to save my pennies for them!
Do I have any regrets so far?
Oddly my first purchase, the Rebecca Minkoff dress... I just haven't worn it as much as I thought I would. Let's hope that changes come Summer!

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