Monday, June 15, 2015

7 Nail Polish Shades Every Girl Should Own

I am a classic gal at heart. I like to try a mint green polish every now and then but it's the same as wearing tights as pants: I was just looking to shock and awe. I'm really at my nail-best (totally a thing) when I'm rocking my staples. Leave the wilder colours for your next manicure (I highly recommend forest green), because these are all you need on your beauty shelf:

1. Bright Red

Always a fun choice and the obvious fall back for when you can't decide.

2. Nude

A shade that matches your skin tone works wonders on hands and feet. And the best part is it's harder to tell when it starts chipping!

3. Black

Moody and oh so chic. Just keep your nails short!

4. Coral

The best shade for summer in my opinion. It's an instant cocktail on the beach for your hands.

5. Dark Red 

Something vampy is a must-have for when you're feeling sultry.

6. Baby Pink

Those blush colours are perfect for work and look amazing on your feet (trust me, instant tan!).

7. Gunmetal Grey

A sharp metallic nail is a winner for tonight and is perfectly paired with stacks of delicate rings.


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