Thursday, June 25, 2015

6 Ways To Add Fur Into Your Wardrobe

Firstly, faux fur for the win guys! You'll probably figure out that's what I favour once you see all the bright colours I am loving but let's just be honest about how real fur is icky. Totes don't want to wear a clubbed seal. Seals are cute.

Moving on! A while ago I put up a trend forecast for coloured fur and I like to practice what I preach so I may have gone a tad loco with the fur. I now own two adorable furry key chains (one of which I affectionately call my furry blue ball), a gorgeous Zara coat with a fur hood big enough to fit several boxes of donuts and the prettiest white throw rug for my bed (and a matching cushion!).
This naturally makes me the authority on the #FurLife and I want to help you make your furry dreams come true! Here are 6 things you can buy that will make winter bearable:

1. Key Chains

2. A Gilet/Vest

3. Cute Bag

4. Detachable Collar

5. Fun Heels

6. Headband or Hat

Trend Forecast NYFW Edition: Coloured Fur

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