Thursday, June 18, 2015

3 Outfits To Dance The Night Away In

Ever been out drinking with me? NO?!
Ok well if you have then you know I love dancing. When the moment is right, I'm that annoying (but endearing!) friend who is saying "Dance time? Dancing? D-floor? Dance???"
Obviously I need to have achieved a good level of alcoholic lubrication.
Ha! No I don't I'm fucking awesome and shit (Jenna Marbles quote...nevermind)
But seriously, I can be stone cold sober and still want to bump and grind.
Which leads me to what this article is about! As Lord of the Dance, I am here to show you what I like to wear on a night out that allows me the comfort and space to get my freak on without breaking an ankle or having a wardrobe malfunction.

1. Heeled Boots and Dresses

Not the stiletto or pointed toe kind of boots. Go for the chunky, rubber Chelsea boot style EVERY 16 year old girl in Australia is wearing. Which totally means you can too because teenagers do lots of walking so your feet can survive 5 hours of grooving. Then wear a comfortable dress! It can be a tight or loose dress, the only rule is you have to be able to lift up your arms (so you can wave them in the air like you just don't care) without it riding up over your buttocks.

Dance Outfit 1

2. T-Shirts and Jewellery

Dress up a simple tee and tuck it into a fun skirt then layer loads of sparkly jewels. Simple. It's relaxed outfit, that you're not going to sweat like crazy in and you won't be jiggling your lady lumps in anyone's face, so you won't be interrupted by a fellow looking for another type of dance*.
I want to say this is based on no facts whatsoever because your kick ass dance moves will probably have the lads kneeling before you.

Dance Outfit 2

3. Leather Pants and Baggy Singlet

A relaxed tank top (preferably with a quirky slogan) and some sexy leather pants that fit you like a glove are perfect for booty shaking. Not only will your rear feel magnificent in the night appropriate leather pants but nothing will ride up or go astray as you booty drop. Pants just really open up a whole new world of dance moves. The tank is just so you can breathe.

Dance Outfit 3

BONUS TIP: The best bag is a side bag you can sling across you with a good zip in case you decide to chuck it on the floor in a pile. Accessories? Bangles are fun for shaking those arms. And keep your shoes to the thick heeled variety and open toe to ease the squash from tired footsies.

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