Monday, June 1, 2015

25 Adult Things To Do That Don't Involve Drinking

We all know the feeling of despair accompanied by a hangover that lasts until Tuesday. You just can't kick it like you did when you were 18 and that's what leads you to declaring: "I am never drinking again!". Since that's a blatant lie, I've put together a list of 25 things you can do as a grown ass person that steer clear of alcohol, giving you a chance to recover until you forget the promises you made about giving up the drink, and still spend time with your friends.
NB: Yes, this article was inspired by such a promise after a particularly fantastic hangover.

  1. Go on a picnic. Food = fun. 
  2. Volunteer. Gather your gang and lend a helping hand. Here is a central resource but searching by state or city is even better.
  3. Get out the fine china and have a tea party with your gal pals. Ribbon sandwiches are a must.
  4. Host a pamper session. Get some face masks, your favourite nail polish shades, sit back and relax.
  5. Go trampolining. Not just for kids! Check out some Sydney venues here.
  6. Take a random class. Laneway Learning has a few bases around Australia (and abroad!) and they have really cute, cheap classes in things you never dreamed you wanted to learn.
  7. Try horse riding. Head to the country and make a day of it! You'll usually find some good deals on Groupon etc.
  8. Host a dinner party. Cheaters tip: allocate a course (or alcohol free beverage) to each guest.
  9. DIY session. Find a few projects (Check out A Pair & A Spare for some great fashion ones) and sit down as a group and have a craft-ernoon! 
  10. Watch DVD's. Simple as gathering a few mates and some snacks. Try a movie marathon of a series or a theme such as "Magicians" or "Girl Power".
  11. Sell your things at the markets (or a garage sale). Clear out the old, pool your resources and make a few bucks!
  12. Play board games or cards. Whip out that dusty Monopoly set and prepare to test your friendships! My personal favourite is Scattergories.
  13. Try out the theatre. I went to the ballet last year and it blew my mind. Even amateur productions are worth seeing (and don't cost an arm and a leg!)
  14. Have a book club. If you're all into the same genre (hellooooo teen fiction!), read, sit down and discuss. Conversation not flowing? Pretend you're turning it into a movie, who would you cast?
  15. Go on a mini road trip. Rustle up your best sing-a-long car tunes and drive until you get hungry, have lunch, then come back!
  16. Help each other re-create your favourite childhood photos. Your bestie can play your mum... this is worth it for the lols.
  17. Go to the zoo (or wildlife park). Animals rock.
  18. Make flower crowns or floral arrangements. If you all buy a bunch of flowers and share you'll have so much choice. Check for some online tutorials if you're not feeling inspired.
  19. Head to an art show. Things like Vivid festival are great but there is always stuff on locally if you look for it. Live music, concerts and comedy gigs are also great!
  20. Go for a walk or hike in the bush. Some Sydney favourites here.
  21. Pick one of your friends as the 'bride' and the rest of your friends pretend to be bridesmaids and then go try some wedding dresses on! #nojudgement 
  22. Try a new exercise or dance class. Xtend Barre perhaps? Bellydancing?
  23. Go op-shopping. Regular shopping is great too, but thrift store trawling is fun for a bargain and brings many laughable discoveries.
  24. Pick your own produce! Depending on where you live you might be able to pick fruit, mushrooms or vegetables. If you don't mind a drive to the south of Sydney, Glenbernie Orchard is the best for apple picking. 
  25. Go bowling or to a theme park if you're feeling extra adventurous! 

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