Monday, June 29, 2015

Shoe Review: Mox Twist Flats

Mox recently contacted me and asked if I'd be so kind to review a pair of their Twist rubber flats. Being the nice lady I am, I obviously jumped at the chance.
I'd seen rubber shoes here, there and everywhere and wondered what their sudden surge in popularity was all about. I'd been burned during the jelly sandal fad and wanted to know why people were more than willing to pay $100 for a pair of water proof ballet flats (although let's face it, that is kind of amazing). So when I opened the cute drawstring bag these babies came in, I was ready for some serious reviewing.
My first thought was "Woah, these are light!". According to my scales they weigh 300 grams. This is not a typo. They are nothing like the thick plastic jelly sandals and I quickly filed them away as a travel must-have. I find shoes the most cumbersome thing when travelling and if this pair can get wet AND not break my back, then we're in business.
But how did they feel you ask? I set out for a full days shopping and errand running with the latte shade on my feet (as pictured above, but there are loads of other colours here) ready to sweat, stroll, saunter and skip. I didn't take a spare pair of shoes just in case, because I like to live dangerously. They felt like little, rubber clouds. The fit was spot on (I got a 39) and they didn't gape at the sides or rub on my heels. They are much softer than thongs (rubber flip flops to clarify) and the sole is about an inch thick and contoured to feet, unlike thongs.
They felt amazing ALL DAY! I was out from 10am- 4pm and not once did they feel uncomfortable or like they were giving me blisters. I was imagining all sorts of suffering once my feet got sweaty, but nothing happened! Rubber is clearly different to plastic #ScienceFact.
All in all, I would give my new go-to flats a 9/10.
The only drawback is that the sole is textured for grip and picked up a lot of dirt (totally not my fault for running around muddy grounds and being too lazy to clean them. Nope.).
Also worth mentioning: these are not the over-priced $100 variety! You can pick them up on sale right here for $40!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6 Ways To Add Fur Into Your Wardrobe

Firstly, faux fur for the win guys! You'll probably figure out that's what I favour once you see all the bright colours I am loving but let's just be honest about how real fur is icky. Totes don't want to wear a clubbed seal. Seals are cute.

Moving on! A while ago I put up a trend forecast for coloured fur and I like to practice what I preach so I may have gone a tad loco with the fur. I now own two adorable furry key chains (one of which I affectionately call my furry blue ball), a gorgeous Zara coat with a fur hood big enough to fit several boxes of donuts and the prettiest white throw rug for my bed (and a matching cushion!).
This naturally makes me the authority on the #FurLife and I want to help you make your furry dreams come true! Here are 6 things you can buy that will make winter bearable:

1. Key Chains

2. A Gilet/Vest

3. Cute Bag

4. Detachable Collar

5. Fun Heels

6. Headband or Hat

Trend Forecast NYFW Edition: Coloured Fur

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trend Forecast: Crowns

Lately I have noticed the emergence of a new kind of accessory. Perhaps one all of us who grew up watching Disney movies were secretly hoping for. Yes, the crown is happening.
Gone is the whimsical flower variety. It's been modernised in burnished golds and semi-precious stones. And somehow been made more wearable by the chunky, over the top settings. The not-so-humble hair pieces started catching my eye everywhere and I for one am dying to get on board!

Exhibit A. 

Dolce and Gabbana debuted their ornate crown headphones at their Fall-Winter 2015. And only $8,000! (lol)

Exhibit B.

The gorgeous Nadia Fairfax, the new it-girl in Aussie fashion blogging, stopped me in my tracks on my instagram feed wearing this Christie Nicolaides crown and earrings set. Exhibit B.1 here.

Exhibit C.

Rita Ora has been spotted casually accessorising with a golden crown in daylight hours. #BABE

Exhibit D.

If ASOS is stocking it. It is happening. Jump on the train now before you miss your chance to be a princess for a day!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

3 Outfits To Dance The Night Away In

Ever been out drinking with me? NO?!
Ok well if you have then you know I love dancing. When the moment is right, I'm that annoying (but endearing!) friend who is saying "Dance time? Dancing? D-floor? Dance???"
Obviously I need to have achieved a good level of alcoholic lubrication.
Ha! No I don't I'm fucking awesome and shit (Jenna Marbles quote...nevermind)
But seriously, I can be stone cold sober and still want to bump and grind.
Which leads me to what this article is about! As Lord of the Dance, I am here to show you what I like to wear on a night out that allows me the comfort and space to get my freak on without breaking an ankle or having a wardrobe malfunction.

1. Heeled Boots and Dresses

Not the stiletto or pointed toe kind of boots. Go for the chunky, rubber Chelsea boot style EVERY 16 year old girl in Australia is wearing. Which totally means you can too because teenagers do lots of walking so your feet can survive 5 hours of grooving. Then wear a comfortable dress! It can be a tight or loose dress, the only rule is you have to be able to lift up your arms (so you can wave them in the air like you just don't care) without it riding up over your buttocks.

Dance Outfit 1

2. T-Shirts and Jewellery

Dress up a simple tee and tuck it into a fun skirt then layer loads of sparkly jewels. Simple. It's relaxed outfit, that you're not going to sweat like crazy in and you won't be jiggling your lady lumps in anyone's face, so you won't be interrupted by a fellow looking for another type of dance*.
I want to say this is based on no facts whatsoever because your kick ass dance moves will probably have the lads kneeling before you.

Dance Outfit 2

3. Leather Pants and Baggy Singlet

A relaxed tank top (preferably with a quirky slogan) and some sexy leather pants that fit you like a glove are perfect for booty shaking. Not only will your rear feel magnificent in the night appropriate leather pants but nothing will ride up or go astray as you booty drop. Pants just really open up a whole new world of dance moves. The tank is just so you can breathe.

Dance Outfit 3

BONUS TIP: The best bag is a side bag you can sling across you with a good zip in case you decide to chuck it on the floor in a pile. Accessories? Bangles are fun for shaking those arms. And keep your shoes to the thick heeled variety and open toe to ease the squash from tired footsies.

Monday, June 15, 2015

7 Nail Polish Shades Every Girl Should Own

I am a classic gal at heart. I like to try a mint green polish every now and then but it's the same as wearing tights as pants: I was just looking to shock and awe. I'm really at my nail-best (totally a thing) when I'm rocking my staples. Leave the wilder colours for your next manicure (I highly recommend forest green), because these are all you need on your beauty shelf:

1. Bright Red

Always a fun choice and the obvious fall back for when you can't decide.

2. Nude

A shade that matches your skin tone works wonders on hands and feet. And the best part is it's harder to tell when it starts chipping!

3. Black

Moody and oh so chic. Just keep your nails short!

4. Coral

The best shade for summer in my opinion. It's an instant cocktail on the beach for your hands.

5. Dark Red 

Something vampy is a must-have for when you're feeling sultry.

6. Baby Pink

Those blush colours are perfect for work and look amazing on your feet (trust me, instant tan!).

7. Gunmetal Grey

A sharp metallic nail is a winner for tonight and is perfectly paired with stacks of delicate rings.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Fifth Piece: Warehouse Sleeveless Blazer

My fifth and final piece (until July...) has arrived. After much umming and ahhing I decided to go for a trend item that may not be in fashion for years to come but would tie together a lot of outfits until Spring. Also, I couldn't stop looking at sleeveless blazers and thinking how chic they were. They're a lot of fun and add such a nice twist to an otherwise simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt.
I didn't want a black or white one (because I have blazers in those colours) and I couldn't commit to a coloured one. Which is a shame because majority of the sleeveless coats available were in that range! So, I looked high and low for the right shade of nude.
I searched ASOS, The Iconic, Boo Hoo, Miss Guided, Urban Outfitters, Sportsgirl, ASOS again (you never know when they'll get new stock) and then finally remembered another UK clothing monolith that now ships to Australia: Warehouse. Their stuff is great for work, very classic, neat and beautifully made; exactly what I wanted in a tailored vest!
Welcome to my wardrobe Warehouse Longline Soft Waistcoat!

And that's half of my year on the 5 Piece French Wardrobe done and dusted. I've noticed I owned far less good quality basics than I thought and returned a grey winter coat for a black one to be good. I've realised I need a new leather jacket and jeans so need to save my pennies for them!
Do I have any regrets so far?
Oddly my first purchase, the Rebecca Minkoff dress... I just haven't worn it as much as I thought I would. Let's hope that changes come Summer!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Au Revoir Ete

Pants: H&M, Shirt: Vintage, Shoes: Zara, Beret: Forever New

I felt like it was time to show you the sort of person I really am and the sort of carry on my sister has to put up with every time she pulls the camera out. #NoShame
It's important to learn to laugh at yourself, and honestly, if blogging wasn't fun I wouldn't do it! While I'm not 100% comfortable in front of the camera (as you can see I am purposely awkward and not exactly Karlie Kloss) the laughs we have while doing it are worth the momentary discomfort and odd stares from strangers. I'll do a post one day of the many 'behind the scenes' bloopers we've captured that have left us doubled over, crying with laughter. This usually followed by "Ok, ok, serious this time!" and more sniggering.
This is just a simple post to remind you all to let your freak flag fly! And if you want to wear a teapot patterned shirt with patterned pants and a french beret like myself, then you bloody go and do it!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to: Wear a Skirt in Winter

As an Australian I don't really believe in seasonal wardrobes. You don't really know what you'll get one day from the next Down Under. 
That's why I think it's perfectly acceptable to wear your skirts throughout winter, and here's my top ways to do it (without freezing your nads off).

With Knee High Boots

Winter Skirt 1

With Stockings

Winter Skirt 2

With Thigh High Socks

Winter Skirt 3

With More Layers Than Parfait

Winter Skirt 4

Monday, June 1, 2015

25 Adult Things To Do That Don't Involve Drinking

We all know the feeling of despair accompanied by a hangover that lasts until Tuesday. You just can't kick it like you did when you were 18 and that's what leads you to declaring: "I am never drinking again!". Since that's a blatant lie, I've put together a list of 25 things you can do as a grown ass person that steer clear of alcohol, giving you a chance to recover until you forget the promises you made about giving up the drink, and still spend time with your friends.
NB: Yes, this article was inspired by such a promise after a particularly fantastic hangover.

  1. Go on a picnic. Food = fun. 
  2. Volunteer. Gather your gang and lend a helping hand. Here is a central resource but searching by state or city is even better.
  3. Get out the fine china and have a tea party with your gal pals. Ribbon sandwiches are a must.
  4. Host a pamper session. Get some face masks, your favourite nail polish shades, sit back and relax.
  5. Go trampolining. Not just for kids! Check out some Sydney venues here.
  6. Take a random class. Laneway Learning has a few bases around Australia (and abroad!) and they have really cute, cheap classes in things you never dreamed you wanted to learn.
  7. Try horse riding. Head to the country and make a day of it! You'll usually find some good deals on Groupon etc.
  8. Host a dinner party. Cheaters tip: allocate a course (or alcohol free beverage) to each guest.
  9. DIY session. Find a few projects (Check out A Pair & A Spare for some great fashion ones) and sit down as a group and have a craft-ernoon! 
  10. Watch DVD's. Simple as gathering a few mates and some snacks. Try a movie marathon of a series or a theme such as "Magicians" or "Girl Power".
  11. Sell your things at the markets (or a garage sale). Clear out the old, pool your resources and make a few bucks!
  12. Play board games or cards. Whip out that dusty Monopoly set and prepare to test your friendships! My personal favourite is Scattergories.
  13. Try out the theatre. I went to the ballet last year and it blew my mind. Even amateur productions are worth seeing (and don't cost an arm and a leg!)
  14. Have a book club. If you're all into the same genre (hellooooo teen fiction!), read, sit down and discuss. Conversation not flowing? Pretend you're turning it into a movie, who would you cast?
  15. Go on a mini road trip. Rustle up your best sing-a-long car tunes and drive until you get hungry, have lunch, then come back!
  16. Help each other re-create your favourite childhood photos. Your bestie can play your mum... this is worth it for the lols.
  17. Go to the zoo (or wildlife park). Animals rock.
  18. Make flower crowns or floral arrangements. If you all buy a bunch of flowers and share you'll have so much choice. Check for some online tutorials if you're not feeling inspired.
  19. Head to an art show. Things like Vivid festival are great but there is always stuff on locally if you look for it. Live music, concerts and comedy gigs are also great!
  20. Go for a walk or hike in the bush. Some Sydney favourites here.
  21. Pick one of your friends as the 'bride' and the rest of your friends pretend to be bridesmaids and then go try some wedding dresses on! #nojudgement 
  22. Try a new exercise or dance class. Xtend Barre perhaps? Bellydancing?
  23. Go op-shopping. Regular shopping is great too, but thrift store trawling is fun for a bargain and brings many laughable discoveries.
  24. Pick your own produce! Depending on where you live you might be able to pick fruit, mushrooms or vegetables. If you don't mind a drive to the south of Sydney, Glenbernie Orchard is the best for apple picking. 
  25. Go bowling or to a theme park if you're feeling extra adventurous!