Monday, May 25, 2015

How to: Wear a Blanket in Public

Wintery capes, scarves so big they double as picnic blankets or a kimono that you've used as a dressing gown; are all perfectly acceptable forms of what I've dubbed 'blanket attire'. And with Winter fast approaching I refuse to accept that it's shameful to cocoon yourself in clothing. Become a human burrito! You'll be warm and with my dosage of inspiration, you'll also be chic.
These looks are all about layering and maintaining proportions; the chunkier the top half, the slimmer the bottom half!
Now you won't have to fear leaving your toasty bed in the morning because you can bring it with you!

Street Style

Elena Perminova


Blanket Dressing

Blanket Dressing 3

Blanket Dressing

Blanket Dressing 2

Blanket Dressing 5

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