Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to: Prepare Your Home For Winter

Baton down the hatches because the colder months are upon us!
I actually enjoy winter, because I am a perpetual bed snuggler and coat lover, but I know it's torture for most. Being stuck indoors doesn't have to be a prison sentence if you make your space extra appealing (you are going to be seeing a lot of it after all).
Here are my winter home essentials:

Go for gold

Re-paint something old (or buy some new home wares if you're anti-mess)! Head to your local hardware and get some gold or rose gold spray paint and then breathe some new life into your old things! I love the below idea of turning shells into pretty trinket dishes but I've spray painted lamps and bottles in the past and they look FAB!

Buy a throw

Nothing says "I am staying home" then becoming a human burrito. And to do that, you need a big cosy throw! The cable knit variety is huge lately but you can't go wrong with a faux fur variety. Adairs has some beautiful ones but if money is an object, Target offers really affordable pieces.

Create a workout kit

Make sure you have a clear space and all your gear accessible so there's no excuses. We own an exercise bike which is a god send (you can buy them from Kmart or Target quite cheaply) and I also like to keep my hand weights, resistance band, skipping rope, yoga mat and other things I pretend to use all together. If you're a yoga enthusiast this Nike kit is wonderful.

exercise kit

Stock up on tea

A warm drink will drive away the winter chill, but you want it to be fabulous if you're drinking 70 cups a day! Naturally, T2 is the ideal place to stock up. You can try a bunch of flavours, you get free samples and buy a matching teacup. My top tip is to ask the sales staff, they're always so knowledgeable and I've never regretted their recommendations!

Door snake

A door snake, or draft stopper, is one of those old fashioned things you associate with your grandma BUT they are actually handy! If you have a bit of a gap under your door or the wind whistles through it'll keep your abode much more cosy. My top tip is recover a regular, boring one with a funky stripe print, that way you won't mind guests seeing your nan vibe.


This is a no brainer. Cavemen knew fire equaled warmth.  I am a more the merrier person when it comes to candles and I don't think you can ever have enough! Create a makeshift fireplace for a romantic night in (safety first, clear the area etc.). We all know my favourite candles are Belash but all candles are amazing! 

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