Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to: Keep Your Feet Beautiful

Now before anyone says anything... yes, I know feet creep the majority of you out. No, they are not overly attractive but they do get you from A to B everyday so I think they deserve a little credit AND pampering!
I am quite hard on my feet and they seem to often suffer at my 'hands'. I walk a lot, I go out dancing until 3am and I wear heels five days a week. So over the years I have perfected a routine of sorts that has kept my feet from packing up shop and wandering off.
Some are pro-active, some are reactive and some are 'I'm doing something nice for you, be good'. Here are my best tips for keeping your feet beautiful:


Every 2nd night, or three times a week, is the ideal amount we should all aim to moisturise to avoid dry skin on our feet. Best to do this at night so you don't make a mess of your shoes (and suffer the slippery toe feeling). I use a thick vitamin E cream but any leftover moisturiser that wasn't deemed good enough for your body will do. Bonus points for those who can keep a pair of socks on over the top while you sleep!


If you already get a pedicure every week or two then give yourself a pat on the back and go to step 3! If you are a bit lax and DIY like myself, read on. An at home pedicure is cheap and cheerful and all you need is to pop your feet in a tub of warm water with some lavender essence (peppermint is also great) and watch tv or read for half an hour. Then grab a foot file/rasp and go to town! Gross? Maybe, but gratifying nonetheless. Moving onto your nails, always cut or file them straight across. Do not round your toenails! Then it's as simple as choosing a nail colour (my favourite for toes is dark red or nude), apply your base coat and two of your chosen shade. Voila! DIY pedicure.

Beat the Blisters

I am a culprit of repeatedly destroying my feet on new shoes due to the sheer excitement of getting them on. Carry band-aids. Or a spare pair of shoes. But definitely band-aids. Scholl have released the handiest kind aptly named: Blister Shield Plasters, which promise (and deliver) on the instant relief part. And I'm not going to tell you not to pop blisters. You know you shouldn't but you will anyway.


Are you going out partying this weekend? Are you about to run a marathon (aka.anything over 10 minutes)? Then come prepared! We all suffer from sweaty feet from time to time and the best way to not be embarrassed when you pull off your shoes is to stop foot odour before it occurs. There is such a thing as antiperspirant for your feet! And always let your shoes breathe and dry after a sweaty session. If you can do this outside in the sun the sunlight will naturally kill the bacteria. Wiping down heels after a night out will help stop mildew growing on them later too!

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  1. One of the companies my mum works for is Scholl so I have a lot of feet pampering goodies like the heel file and cream. My poor heels always get really bad due to my orthodics in my shoes.
    Great post!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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