Monday, May 11, 2015

French Noir

Jumper: Marcs, Pants: Asos, Heels: Windsor Smith, Gillie, Handbag: Target (similar here)

For years people have encouraged me to 'relax' my look. I used to date a guy who would mess my hair up all the time because I always smoothed my ponytails, made sure my part was straight and couldn't stand it being touched. I think my attraction to vintage clothing stems from a desire to be 'neat'. I guess preppy is my middle name!
My look has managed to relax a bit over the years as a symptom of travel (early mornings, lots of moving around) but I still feel most comfortable in a collared shirt. This Marcs mademoiselle jumper has become a staple for me because of how chic (and neat!) it looks. It's perfect for layering now the temperature is dropping!
I am loving white pants lately too. I must admit, I don't think they're super flattering but they're too fresh to ignore!

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