Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shoe Review: Kurt Geiger Ellen Heels

These shoes changed my life.
Like most women over 20 I started realising that there must be reason people are willing to spend $1,000 on a pair of shoes beyond the bragging rights of owning a pair of Louboutins. While Kurt Geiger isn't quite that expensive, it's still no mean feat spending $300-400 on a single pair.
Which is one reason I'm glad I WON these shoes! Yes, that's right! I went to a fashion event, entered the instagram competition, forgot about it and the next thing I knew Kurt Geiger was messaging my on instagram (much nicer than the usual creeps who want to see your legs)!
Going to the Kurt Geiger boutique in Myer to choose my pair was like a dream. At first I wanted something crazy and unique but I kept coming back to the nude pairs knowing they would be perfect as a wardrobe staple (and the guilt of going outside the 5 Piece French Wardrobe was haunting me). Once I slipped these babies on, I knew they were the one.
They may be stilettos but they are so comfortable! And just beautifully made! It really makes you appreciate that shoe making is an art. And the sole is non-slip which is a pre-requisite for me now (but like I'll be letting them touch the wet ground!).
I honestly think these are a worthy investment. The salesman was so helpful and recommended buying a size 38 (7) instead of a 39 (8) like I normally did. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on heels. My feet actually enjoy being attached to them!
One of my main concerns with nude shoes has been the fact I'm so pale. I thought they'd always look wrong on my legs, and quite frankly they often did. But not this pair! I think it's worth shopping around and trying on a few different shades.
So without further ado, here is the link to the Kurt Geiger Ellen Heels. Start saving, and don't look back!

Monday, May 25, 2015

How to: Wear a Blanket in Public

Wintery capes, scarves so big they double as picnic blankets or a kimono that you've used as a dressing gown; are all perfectly acceptable forms of what I've dubbed 'blanket attire'. And with Winter fast approaching I refuse to accept that it's shameful to cocoon yourself in clothing. Become a human burrito! You'll be warm and with my dosage of inspiration, you'll also be chic.
These looks are all about layering and maintaining proportions; the chunkier the top half, the slimmer the bottom half!
Now you won't have to fear leaving your toasty bed in the morning because you can bring it with you!

Street Style

Elena Perminova


Blanket Dressing

Blanket Dressing 3

Blanket Dressing

Blanket Dressing 2

Blanket Dressing 5

Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to: Prepare Your Home For Winter

Baton down the hatches because the colder months are upon us!
I actually enjoy winter, because I am a perpetual bed snuggler and coat lover, but I know it's torture for most. Being stuck indoors doesn't have to be a prison sentence if you make your space extra appealing (you are going to be seeing a lot of it after all).
Here are my winter home essentials:

Go for gold

Re-paint something old (or buy some new home wares if you're anti-mess)! Head to your local hardware and get some gold or rose gold spray paint and then breathe some new life into your old things! I love the below idea of turning shells into pretty trinket dishes but I've spray painted lamps and bottles in the past and they look FAB!

Buy a throw

Nothing says "I am staying home" then becoming a human burrito. And to do that, you need a big cosy throw! The cable knit variety is huge lately but you can't go wrong with a faux fur variety. Adairs has some beautiful ones but if money is an object, Target offers really affordable pieces.

Create a workout kit

Make sure you have a clear space and all your gear accessible so there's no excuses. We own an exercise bike which is a god send (you can buy them from Kmart or Target quite cheaply) and I also like to keep my hand weights, resistance band, skipping rope, yoga mat and other things I pretend to use all together. If you're a yoga enthusiast this Nike kit is wonderful.

exercise kit

Stock up on tea

A warm drink will drive away the winter chill, but you want it to be fabulous if you're drinking 70 cups a day! Naturally, T2 is the ideal place to stock up. You can try a bunch of flavours, you get free samples and buy a matching teacup. My top tip is to ask the sales staff, they're always so knowledgeable and I've never regretted their recommendations!

Door snake

A door snake, or draft stopper, is one of those old fashioned things you associate with your grandma BUT they are actually handy! If you have a bit of a gap under your door or the wind whistles through it'll keep your abode much more cosy. My top tip is recover a regular, boring one with a funky stripe print, that way you won't mind guests seeing your nan vibe.


This is a no brainer. Cavemen knew fire equaled warmth.  I am a more the merrier person when it comes to candles and I don't think you can ever have enough! Create a makeshift fireplace for a romantic night in (safety first, clear the area etc.). We all know my favourite candles are Belash but all candles are amazing! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Winter Shorts

Shorts: Camilla and Marc, Jumper: Temt (similar here), Boots: Spurr via The Iconic (similar here), Bag: Travel Buy (similar here

I love my winter woolies! 
But I still want to wear shorts. It's a tough life.
These Camilla and Marc shorts are one of my pieces from my 5 Piece French Wardrobe challenge (or lifestyle choice rather) and they're so comfortable that I want to wear them for as long as I can! Even if that means being covered in goosebumps...
I wish I'd found them earlier (say, when it was 30 degrees everyday) but that's one of the drawbacks of the challenge; us Aussies tend to be buying things outside our season. I think I'll be doing a bit more local shopping in the second half of the year. Only one more piece to go until July! I have a few things on my waiting list but I've been buying a lot of staples lately (a new winter jumper, a new coat etc.) which I think is normal given the change in temperature. You sort of look in your closet at things you haven't worn for 6 months and go "Where is...?". Turns out I don't own a black coat! How do I even function... (bought a grey one anyway haha).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Healthy Living Tips

Want to know how to live the healthiest life possible do ya? Well I am no expert (seriously) but I do think I've picked up a number of healthy habits along the way that have definitely contributed to my well being, both physically and mentally.
A lot of people think that being healthy is being a gym junkie or a raw vegan but I am neither of those things and I can't tell you the last time I had a cold (or a cry). Also, if it's a task I can perform in 5 minutes or less than sign me up because that is my style and should be yours too!
Having a routine helps when incorporating a new, healthy addition to your day. I remember reading somewhere that it takes 31 days to form a new habit (but triple that to break one), so just stick it out, tick off the days on the calendar and then next thing you know you'll be the friend that says "I know I've had 3 bottles of wine but I really need to take this make-up off before I fall asleep with my shoes on".
Without further ado... my handy, healthy lifestyle tips that can all be done in 20 mins or less!
  • Floss: I have warded off many cavities (weak enamel is the pits) by flossing. There will be the following stages when you start flossing; anger, denial (that you will have to do this for all time), acceptance and fervour (you couldn't imagine NOT flossing, who doesn't floss?!).
  • Lemon Water: Every morning I squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and a drink it all down before breakfast (and brushing my teeth obviously). It really kick-starts my day and the health benefits are great. Wellness Mama says it best here. Plus, if it's good enough for Miranda Kerr, it's good enough for you.
  • 20 Minutes: Of exercise, movement, anything that get's your heart pumping (yeah, you know *winky face*). You've heard this all before but finding 20 minutes to be active everyday is worth it's weight in gold and not just for weight loss, but for mental health too. Walk, dance around in your underwear or clean your house for the first time in six months. Endorphins; it's science.
  • Meditate: Or do my version which is basically sitting there, breathing deeply, listening to some zen music and not worrying about your problems/status update. 10 minutes is a great time to start on (and here's some music to get you started) and if a guided practice helps keep you on track, go crazy! Meditation is a discipline and I'm still new to it but practice makes perfect! In the last 3 months I've noticed my sleeping has improved, I'm able to switch off after work easier and I can calm down quicker (which is handy for someone with a swift reaction to bullshit).
  • Brush that Body: Dry body brushing might sound weird, painful and a little bit like looking after a horse, but it is amazing. It requires simple tools (a bristled brush like this) and two minutes before you shower. It's a great exfoliator and stimulates your lymphatic system, plus check out these other benefits. I'm actually addicted to this, I've even gotten my bestie and sister onto it!
  • Green Tea: Drink heaps of it. Like, loads. Ok, maybe not, but I have a cup every morning... and about 4 more throughout the day. It's an easy swap to make when you're reaching for a coffee or soft drink, the antioxidants will make your body so happy and it's amazing for stimulating that metabolism. I know some people can't stand the taste, but try real green tea (from an Asian grocer) or a flavoured variety before you say no forever. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

French Noir

Jumper: Marcs, Pants: Asos, Heels: Windsor Smith, Gillie, Handbag: Target (similar here)

For years people have encouraged me to 'relax' my look. I used to date a guy who would mess my hair up all the time because I always smoothed my ponytails, made sure my part was straight and couldn't stand it being touched. I think my attraction to vintage clothing stems from a desire to be 'neat'. I guess preppy is my middle name!
My look has managed to relax a bit over the years as a symptom of travel (early mornings, lots of moving around) but I still feel most comfortable in a collared shirt. This Marcs mademoiselle jumper has become a staple for me because of how chic (and neat!) it looks. It's perfect for layering now the temperature is dropping!
I am loving white pants lately too. I must admit, I don't think they're super flattering but they're too fresh to ignore!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to: Keep Your Feet Beautiful

Now before anyone says anything... yes, I know feet creep the majority of you out. No, they are not overly attractive but they do get you from A to B everyday so I think they deserve a little credit AND pampering!
I am quite hard on my feet and they seem to often suffer at my 'hands'. I walk a lot, I go out dancing until 3am and I wear heels five days a week. So over the years I have perfected a routine of sorts that has kept my feet from packing up shop and wandering off.
Some are pro-active, some are reactive and some are 'I'm doing something nice for you, be good'. Here are my best tips for keeping your feet beautiful:


Every 2nd night, or three times a week, is the ideal amount we should all aim to moisturise to avoid dry skin on our feet. Best to do this at night so you don't make a mess of your shoes (and suffer the slippery toe feeling). I use a thick vitamin E cream but any leftover moisturiser that wasn't deemed good enough for your body will do. Bonus points for those who can keep a pair of socks on over the top while you sleep!


If you already get a pedicure every week or two then give yourself a pat on the back and go to step 3! If you are a bit lax and DIY like myself, read on. An at home pedicure is cheap and cheerful and all you need is to pop your feet in a tub of warm water with some lavender essence (peppermint is also great) and watch tv or read for half an hour. Then grab a foot file/rasp and go to town! Gross? Maybe, but gratifying nonetheless. Moving onto your nails, always cut or file them straight across. Do not round your toenails! Then it's as simple as choosing a nail colour (my favourite for toes is dark red or nude), apply your base coat and two of your chosen shade. Voila! DIY pedicure.

Beat the Blisters

I am a culprit of repeatedly destroying my feet on new shoes due to the sheer excitement of getting them on. Carry band-aids. Or a spare pair of shoes. But definitely band-aids. Scholl have released the handiest kind aptly named: Blister Shield Plasters, which promise (and deliver) on the instant relief part. And I'm not going to tell you not to pop blisters. You know you shouldn't but you will anyway.


Are you going out partying this weekend? Are you about to run a marathon (aka.anything over 10 minutes)? Then come prepared! We all suffer from sweaty feet from time to time and the best way to not be embarrassed when you pull off your shoes is to stop foot odour before it occurs. There is such a thing as antiperspirant for your feet! And always let your shoes breathe and dry after a sweaty session. If you can do this outside in the sun the sunlight will naturally kill the bacteria. Wiping down heels after a night out will help stop mildew growing on them later too!

Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Ways to Style Wide Leg Pants

Wide Leg pants are a current trend that let's anyone who gazes upon your grace know that YOU are fashionable. And that's simply because they are not easy to wear!
Proportions can be a scary thing and I don't know many women who are willing to add bulk to their lower half but wide leg pants can be very flattering if done right! They add length to your body and make you look 8ft tall, as well as draw attention to your waist.
To help you on your journey I've put together my top 3 ways to wear this trend:

1. Classic and Cropped

You literally cannot go wrong with black and white so it's a great place to start when trying out a new style. The cropped pant style will reduce the amount of material draped over your body and is great for the shorter ladies. The flowy top also smooths the lines and gives it a 'pyjama dressing' vibe (aka too casual to care). The red is just for the glam factor.

Wide Leg 1

2. Boho and Denim

The next easiest way to break into the wide leg pants trend is to throw back to the 70's. The laid back vibes that come from denim, peasant blouses and wooden shoes cannot be denied. 
Heels help to add some lift to your look and keep you looking long and elegant (instead or drowning in clothing). Keep a modern handbag with you and forego the floppy hat, so you don't look like you've come straight from Woodstock. 

Wide Leg 2

3. Fancy Pants

Wide leg pants can also be employed for night time frivolity (a blessing in winter for when you refuse to shave your legs). They're also am unexpected look for those of you who like to make a statement and hate showing up dressed like everybody else. Keep proportions in check with a snug or crop shirt and bling it up with tonnes of shiny accessories. 

Wide Leg 3