Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shoe Review: Jeffrey Campbell, Shriver

After a couple rainy days in Sydney I realised I was in desperate need of a new pair of everyday black shoes. Squelchy noises and sodden feet prompted me to invest in a good quality pair that would last more than a couple months. There were three things I wanted:
1.  Something with a heel because I seem to always wear my shoes out quickly (I must walk a lot).
2. A loafer style because that's my jam.
3. Good cushioning, because I want to be comfortable (der).

In my intense internet searches I found Nasty Gal had a pair of real leather, low heeled, loafer style shoes. Enter: Jeffrey Campbell, Shirver.
You may recognise Jeffrey Campbell's name. This brand is the genius (or madness) behind the Lita boots and these other... unique... designs. I love a company that doesn't take itself too seriously and their adorable shoe boxes are basically collectors items; so I decided to give it ago.
And they were too big. Chaos ensued.

Let me say that I had never ordered US sizes before and I am usually a 7.5 and everyone (the internet) said that an AU 8 was a US 8 and I buy an AU 8 so I went... okay!
Wrong. It is much bigger and I slip out of them enough for me to consider sending them back.
That's where the problems started.
I'd never ordered from Nasty Gal before so didn't know that I had to ship the shoes back to the States. That would roughly cost me $30. Hmmm.
Then I read a bunch of reviews on Nasty Gal and their return policy online (It's like Googling a medical problem, just don't do it) and I saw nothing but negative comments on their shipping policies and mistakes they make when getting returns. I was worried,
I contacted their customer service and it took me a few attempts to get a straight answer about what precautions I could take.They said that if the item went missing then I wouldn't get my refund. After spending $200+ that did not sound good. Naturally they said get tracking, get it signed for etc. Postage was now $60 and I still had the bad reviews sitting in my mind about Nasty Gal not signing for packages.
So I decided to keep the shoes!

Luckily I loved how they looked and they are OUTSTANDING quality. The cushioning is pretty good (although one shoe has a leak which makes hilarious squeaky noises every step I take...grrr!) and the suede/textured two tone on the front is very chic. They really were everything I wanted in a shoe, just too big!
I bought some heel grips (these Mister Minit ones) and it improved the fit considerably. I've also put a couple cotton wool balls in the toes and now I don't slip around as much.
I was planning on styling them with some cute socks so it hasn't been an end of the world situation (but I would not recommend buying from Nasty Gal if you're outside the USA unless you are 100% sure you want the item).

All in all, I give the Jeffrey Campbell's 8/10.
Nasty Gal I give a 5/10. Sorry guys, I love your instagram still though!

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