Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Fourth Piece: Missguided Teal Satin Heels

This is my first purchase that has broken all my rules for choosing what comes into my wardrobe.
I just really, really wanted them!
As soon as I saw them I had visions of wearing them with my sushi socks (you'll see, just wait, it's going to be great) and I kept coming back to the little bookmarked link. I know it's not a great buy longevity wise but green is really gaining traction in the fashion stakes so I must have some in my wardrobe! Plus, pretty!

In general though I am loving Missguided's selection of shoes! They're cheap as chips and bang on trend.
If you'd like a pair like mine though there's a few pairs left (and they're half price!), so pick some up while you still can!

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