Monday, April 20, 2015

How To: Style Suspenders

Suspenders (the brace kind not the sexy lingerie kind) are such an old school accessory but I firmly believe they can be made modern! They'll add a tonne of personality to any outfit and actually help keep things in place. You can pick up some great pairs in vintage stores or op shops, but you will find some cute pastel ones on eBay or  ASOS.
The key to any of these looks is to keep it playful. There's no point in pretending you're wearing a business suit or you're a grandpa (so avoid any socks or flat brim caps).
Let's talk options!

1. Monochrome with a Full Skirt

Full skirt's have gone from strength to strength in the fashion stakes because they really are so versatile. Black and white is the easiest way to start and pair it with a couple quirky or fun accessories, leaving the clothing itself plain. 

Suspender Style 1

2. Mob Boss 

The neutrals in this look tone down what would otherwise be a harsh look and the gold accents add a spark of 21st century flavour and a bit of girlishness to a boyish look. The tailored pants are balanced with a loose top to keep it in proportion and matching the suspender colours with your pants ties it together.

Suspender Style 2

3. Crop Jumper and Boyfriend Jeans

Super casual and softened even more by the grey palette (rather than black). Keep it easy and breezey and trust me on the hoop earrings!

Suspender Style 3

4. Pop Art

A little more dramatic then the other looks. Cuter than cute polka dots and heels with personality are toughened up with a leather jacket and boyish suspenders. Adding in the blue keeps the look from being too matchy-matchy (and looking like you're wearing a costume).

Suspender Style 4

5. Bonus Round!

Your first thought was "That's a dress though!" wasn't it? And you are correct! Which is why we're attaching the suspenders to a simple waist belt, creating a makeshift harness (also a neat trick for over t-shirts). Keep the look funky by adding dainty heels and a grunge beanie.

Suspender Style 5

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