Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Weekend Outfit

Bag: Kate Spade Saturday Weekender, Shorts: Atmos&Here via The Iconic,
Shirt: Temt (similiar here), Heels: Kmart (similar here), Necklace: Madrid Markets

Have you ever seen such an excited face before? (Probably) 
I've already given you my gushing report on my Saturday Weekender bag, but what's that without a matching outfit?! 
You can never go wring with black and white. Never, never. My favourite shorts from Atmos&Here are still seeing me through the day and while they are man-repellers, women give me tonnes of compliments on them! Go figure?! 
The shirt is just a cheap buy from Temt but I wanted to try the higher neck singlet style before committing to it. I'm notoriously lazy with things like changing bra straps and I just never feel secure in a strapless bra. However, I've since bought 2 shirts so I guess it's been approved by the wardrobe gods!
I picked up the necklace a few years ago in Madrid (all travelers love name dropping where they've been, accept it) at the most amazing markets I've ever seen. It was a treasure trove of endless stalls that were dripping with geodes and stones in every colour, type and setting imaginable. And the prices were akin to highway robbery. We bought a lot. You can find similar gems on Etsy for great prices and in hundreds of styles. If you find any amazing ones send me a link too! 


  1. Very cute!! I love the top and nothing better to wear the last of the summer outfits before it becomes cold again ;)

    1. Agreed! I spend the last month of summer wishing for winter then all of March I live in skimpy tops hahaha

  2. I love this top! I want to get it for work! Thanks for sharing :) :)

    1. They're such a flattering cut aren't they?! You can get them in loads of places now luckily ;)


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