Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shoe Review: Spurr Quill Heels

This is my second foray into Spurr heels (which you can grab over at The Iconic) and I'm just as pleased, if not more so, than my last pair! And these do not count as an item in the 5 Piece French Wardrobe because: a) they were a gift from my sister for starting a new job (yes, I do have the best sister in the world) and b) nude heels are a wardrobe staple and my Windsor Smith nude wedges were slowly crippling me so it was time to upgrade.
The Spurr Quill Heels, as you can see, have a chunky heel and are very stable and supportive. The inside is soft with mild cushioning and the back strap feels sturdy and like it's actually holding me in there (because these are heels and my feet are running for freedom always). The toe strap is really smooth too and I haven't been 'blessed' with any blisters. The sole is soft and non-slippery but the heel part is hard plastic, which will be good for preventing wear and tear but does make me wonder about slippage when stepping down onto stairs. Because I go heel first? I don't know, but I must do something strange; all I know is they hit the ground and are owning me weight then!
I personally love the colour, but they are more honey coloured rather than a traditional beige or nude. They're available in black and white too which I'd recommend because they're a fab staple. The gold buckle is also super cute and I love how well the lining matches the outside (a pet hate of mine and what stopped me buying the white pair). The heel is 12cm but seems so much bigger! (That's what we all say though isn't it girls...) 
Longevity wise, you do get what you pay for, they're not real leather and the quality isn't 10/10 (more like a 6) but I think the comfort outweighs that for me but you be the judge!
Grab yourself a pair here.

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