Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shoe Review: Flop by Bonbons

I know these don't look that exciting at first glance. I know they're not a pair of fancy, pretty heels. 
BUT these cuties by Bonbons (via The Iconic) are called Flop and if that doesn't make you smile then I don't know what will!
They're super lightweight, which will be perfect for traveling (yes, I'm already thinking about my next trip...). That does make me worry a touch about the quality, they don't seem to be made from titanium, which is a good thing really, but they are 100% leather upper which is where it counts. I think we can all admit that leather insides can sometimes get a bit whiffy after a few wears in the summer heat. 
The buckle and toe strap are quite tight but I imagine they'll stretch with wear and the sole is non-slip and a virgin white that I know won't last more than 3 wears. 
Now one pretty important detail is that the sizing runs small. I usually buy an 8/39 even though I'm a 7.5/38.5 just because I'd rather flop about (see what I did there) than limp with blisters, but these shoes fit me EXACTLY. Not an inch untouched! So I'd really recommend going up a size if you're at the larger end of an 8/39. 
These were a great choice for me too because I wanted something comfy and I just could not get on board with the Birkenstock trend. The Flop (as I've taken to calling them) hint at the trend without making me look like a European tourist. #sorrynotsorry  
Grab yourself a pair here while they're on sale!

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