Monday, March 2, 2015

How to: Wear all Neutral Outfits

Step 1: Do not be a messy, clumsy or unlucky person.
Easier said than done but all jokes aside, if you wear some of your lunch at least three times a week... this is not the look for you. Having a healthy amount of fear when wearing light colours is necessary. The days where I'm wearing my white short suit, I am not drinking coffee, eating spaghetti bolognaise or sitting on the grass in my lunch break. If you REALLY want to wear light colours despite the fact you seem to be a target for every car splashing through a puddle, I'd suggest light pink or beige leathers. At least you can wipe yourself clean then!
That being said, if you wish to proceed, you won't regret it when you look this chic!

Step 2: Copy these looks.

Step 3: Saunter.

Neutral 2

Neutral 1

Neutral 3

Neutral 4

Neutral 5

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