Monday, March 23, 2015

5 In 5: Ways to Wear Stripes this Autumn

1. With Leather 

A winning combination any time of year, but extra special when you can dust off that leather jacket after hiding it in the back of your cupboard for a few months. Leather skirts also work wonders!

2. Layered under a Jumper

Leave a little peep poking out of the cuffs, collar or bottom (or all three!) of your jumper. Also good for those days where you have no idea what the weather is doing (i.e. every day in Australia)

3. A Skirt paired with a Denim Jacket

Manage your proportions for a polished look. A body con skirt with a bulky, vintage denim jacket will look amazing, while a puffy, ball gown skirt will look great with a cropped jacket.

4. A Jumper with Jeans

An age old combination but re-fresh it with some summery coloured accessories and dress it up for work with clean jewellery and heels. 

5. As pants! 

Not for the faint hearted! Horizontal stripes don't look as bad as you think they do, but opt for vertical if you're shorty like me and you'll have legs for days (or until summer is back).


  1. I adore stripes! They make the simplest outfit look so chic.That last outfit is gorgeous!

    1. I wish that outfit was mine! It's everything I love <3


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